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Stuart Little 2 Trailer Online

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The new trailer for the sequel "Stuart Little 2" is now online at, viewable with Quicktime 5.

Stuart Little 2, opening July 19, will again be directed by Lion King's Director, Rob Minkoff (who for the 3rd year in a row was sorry for not being able to attend ConFurence, this time because of his current work on Stuart Little 2) and will be starring the voices of Michael J. Fox and Nathan Lane in their recurring roles as Stuart and Snowbell.The animation in the trailer looks as good (if not better than) the first movie. This time it appears that Stuart befriends a little bird being chased by an eagle and gets to fly a model airplane in addition to the car he had in the first movie.

There is a brief clip in the trailer showing Stuart flying head-on at the eagle, both readying for the collision... Cool stuff!


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