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Review: 'Star Wars Adventures: Ghosts Of Vader's Castle #2'

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'Ghosts of Vader's Castle' A-cover, by Francesco Francavilla 'Ghosts of Vader's Castle' B-cover, by Derek Charm

Kismet on a recent outing brought me into contact with an issue of this Star Wars offshoot, published by IDW Comics, which advertises itself in that usual, effective way.

Ghosts Of Vader's Castle #2, which offers a choice of subtitles between "Attack Of The 50-Foot Wookie" and "The Wicked Wookie", is a diversion of a diversion that hit distribution in September. It comes from regular writer Cavan Scott and is illustrated by mainstays Francesco Francavilla and Derek Charm. Permit me to guess your thoughts; no, Disney has NOT purchased Bucky O' Hare.

The framework of the Return Of The Jedi era story has at its center the struggle of Rebel Captain Lina Graf, who is possibly Force-sensitive, and is thus plagued by visions of her brother Milo trapped in the titular structure. While the Rebellion officially turns down her request for transport to volatile Mustafar to investigate the visions, Senator Leia Organa offers Lina a tip, noting that she will not only need a ship but a pilot crazy enough to make the trip. With Han Solo unavailable, she must settle for the services of the lagomorph on the covers, Jaxxon T. Tumperakki. The bulk of the issue involves this smuggler/scoundrel relating the tall tale (pun intended, of course) of his encountering Han and Chewie on Kashyyyk, the Wookie home world, and all of them falling victim to a particularly dangerous contraband item.

I resist the temptation to show any shots of pages, since these covers illustrate the main gimmick of the story pretty well. Francavilla, who illustrated the first cover, renders the "real world" events, while Charm, the second cover, shows the flashback sequence. Consistent color style ties the book together; a method that comes off rather cleverly. Though it's a preliminary entry in a longer adventure, it asserts well as a stand-alone piece, making it worthy for specific collections. Content could be rated as a hard G, for edgy, cartoon violence. A third cover with Francavilla's sketch is also available.

Although it displays the start of something big, I'd say it gives a hint that, with the raconteur ability on display, and properties like Star Wars: Visions gaining interest, we've not seen the last of Jaxxon T. Tumperakki.


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A rabbit girl apparently also appeared in the Disney+ animal series, so it's nice the Lepi are now, as Wookiepedia is now forced to put, CANON.

Anyway, nice debut article.

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Ganvolo has been a regular RooView watcher and I had indicated during videos and steams that I would like to see more people contributing that cover furry media, as since Fred's passing that's kind of ebbed away.

Because we know that red roo guy isn't helping much in that regard.

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The more, the merrier - and a good excuse to add YouTube as a link option to our recent contributors block. Did you know they have four separate URL formats for users and their channels? Thankfully three are essentially the same…

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Though a lot of the major media has significantly diminished my interest in the franchise, the print media maintains a solid quality; and stories like this do pique my interest in "Visions", which I do hope will involve more exotic races like the Lepi.


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