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Spiders - I hate spiders!

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Do you hate spiders? Then avoid this movie! But those of you who love humor with horror ought to take a gander at the movie Eight-Legged Freaks, coming out soon --

Just a quick read reminds me of last summer's Evolution, a movie that combined doltish humor with a strong action plot, gross monsters, and even a few genuine scares to great success. Unlike all too many monster flicks, these people aren't taking themselves seriously. This film may well turn out to be the schlock hit of the summer.

I just hope the CGI spiders don't turn out to be the most animated characters in the entire movie.


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A fun little addition to the movie are the three spider models they made up for Quake 3 and Unreal. The spiders in question are the tarantula, the jumper, and the spitter. Sorry but, as this is purely the product of a summer horror film, they don't give the latin. The models are available at and a small number of gaming sites.

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The really scary thing is that it stars David Arquette.

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David Arquette? THE David Arquette who starred in 'Ready to Rumble', who moron supreme Vince Russo made WCW Champ?

That does it. I'm going to this flick to cheer for the spiders.


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I dunno....
The studio is REALLY floggin the paintballer community with advertising blitz work on this movie.
I wonder if there is actually a scene with paintballers taking on spiders?

There is a scene I've caught in previews with motoX bikers beating the bejeezus out of the spiders, so maybe...
But maybe they are also just trying to rope in the X-treme sports types?

I wound up with several posters that were given away at SC village, where I play

Iron Badger

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