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Buy Dartmoor ponies from the comfort of home

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The rare Dartmoor pony, famous symbol of wild Britain, is up for sale every year at local auctions. But the Freinds of the Dartmoor Hill Pony want the rare breed to go to places where they cost more than just a pint of milk. To popularize and preserve the rare horse, which numbers under 3000, they've started to tell people internationally about this marvelous rare breed equine.
So if your parents never let you get a pony when you were little, here's where to look.


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Although buying ponies from native roundups in the UK can be very simple and cheap, the commitments and cost of *keeping* a pony are far greater. *PLEASE* don't buy an equine unless you've seriously looked into just how much it can cost you in time and $s to keep your fluffy new friend safe and happy!

Here is a great article by Jennie Williams entitled "So. You Want to Own a Horse? Are You Sure?"


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I should note I was attempting to be funny with the tone of the article. I do not advocate purchasing an equine over the internet or in general.

Melissa "MelSkunk" Drake

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On the other paw, ownership and care of ponies, even if it does involve a fair bit of time and money, is a very common and well-understood practice. Unlike, for instance, the ownership of wolves or big cats, who really belong in the care of trained professionals, or better yet, in the wild.

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