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November 2008

Upcoming furry comics for January 2009 (Previews only)

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Not furry, but I like the end of the solicitation for DC/Vertigo's *100 Bullets* #99: 'The penultimate issue of the award-winning series sees old scores settled and new bloodshed! As questions are answered, truths come to light in this startling issue. With one issue to go in this epic series, you won't believe what happens next. Also, this is not a jumping-on point in case you were wondering.'

FC2009 November Newsletter

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1. Hotel Announcement
2. Looking for more Staff
3. Art Show
4. Furry Market Place
5. Dealer Room and Furry Market Place Waiting List
6. Live! Action! Drawing!
7. Announcing Furry Night Live 2009!
8. Furcon Twitter Feed
9. Next Staff Meeting