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Upcoming furry comics for January 2009 (Previews only)

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Not furry, but I like the end of the solicitation for DC/Vertigo's *100 Bullets* #99: 'The penultimate issue of the award-winning series sees old scores settled and new bloodshed! As questions are answered, truths come to light in this startling issue. With one issue to go in this epic series, you won't believe what happens next. Also, this is not a jumping-on point in case you were wondering.'

NOV080074 Usagi Yojimbo #117 25pg, b&w $3.50
by Stan Sakai
Kitsune steals a little jewel that awakens something from the slaughter of a three-hundred-year-ago rebellion. First of three parts.

PAGES 101, 125
NOV080201 Looney Tunes #170 32pg, color $2.50
by the same bunch as last time
'In this reprint of LOONEY TUNES #136'--enough said.

NOV080202 Scooby-Doo #140 32pg, color $2.50
by the same bunch as last time except it's a different bunch
'When the Mystery, Inc. gang investigates a series of snowbound robberies in this issue reprinting SCOOBY-DOO #103'--going back 3 years this time.

PAGE 150, 166
NOV082277 Archibald Chases the Dragon (one-shot) 32pg, 2-color $3.50
by Dara Naraghi (story) and Grant Bond (art)
'Archibald Aardvark thought the murder of his brother was solved, but when a stranger tips him off to a cover-up, he travels to Little China in search of the mysterious "Compassionate Wind of Death"! This noir tale of greed, secrets, and a deal with the devil will have you deliciously anticipating if our hapless hero will survive long enough to stitch together a few answers…or will he fall victim to the red dragon haunting his fevered dreams?' Mature readers only.
Grant Bond drew two previous one-shots, *Archibald Saves Christmas* and *Archibald Saves Easter*, which I never noticed. Some quotes from
'The anarchic "Archibald" story is one of not just humor, but also tragedy, mystery, and violence, told in a moody black-and-white style with blood-red flourishes, a la "Grendel." Archibald himself is an aardvark actor -- drawn to resemble a kind of early American animation character circa 1930 -- whose life was destroyed when his brother was brutally murdered. Driven insane, Archibald left the cartoon city of Tinsel Town for five years before returning to have revenge on his brother's killer.'
'"Archibald is an early creation of mine," Grant Bond told CBR News. "When I say early, I mean *early* too. I think I was originally about ten-years-old when I first doodled him. [The idea] came from my parents having the television be my babysitter as a child. My mom caught me drawing on the floorboards so she threw a drawing pad at me. He is a play on early animation icons like Fritz the Cat and Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. Archibald, however, is a schizophrenic drunkard with a murderous disposition."'
Fritz an early icon? Krazy Kat, maybe. I must question his cartoon history knowledge. But I'll give this a try nonetheless.

NOV082255 Elephantmen #120 32pg, color $3.50
by Richard Starkings and Marian Churchland
'Girl meets Elephantman. Girl falls for Elephantman. Elephantman loses perspective...'

PAGE 197
NOV083748 Gold Digger #103 32 pg, color $2.99
by Fred Perry
Hijinks of Gina's advanced class doing research in the Library of Time.

NOV083749 Gold Digger: Maidens of Twilight #1 (of 4) 32 pg, color $3.50
by Fred Perry, Robby Bevard & J.L. Anderson
'For the first time in seven years, Gold Digger and Ninja High School are crossing over in an epic four-issue mini-series, from the same talents that brought you Gold Digger: Tifanny and Charlotte!

NOV083750 Gold Digger Tech Manual #1 32 pg, color $3.95
by Fred Perry & Doug Dlin
We've done the people, we've done the places, now let's do the things.

NOV083751 Gold Digger II Pocket Manga vol. 6 sc, 5"x7", 128pg, b&w 14.95
by Fred Perry
Collects issues 37-42 of the current series.

PAGE 204
NOV083782 Sonic the Hedgehog #196 32pg, color $2.25
by Ian Flynn and Tracy Yardley
It's a flash! It's a tornado! It's Super Scourge!

PAGE 258
NOV083999 The Hamazing Spider-Mad (one-shot) 48pg, b&w $4.95
by Dentiblù
'Funny wild boar Zannablù finds a job as a sidekick of a superhero-to-be, who gets himself purposely bitten by a radioactive spider to obtain its powers. The results, rather than heroic, are catastrophic! Meanwhile Norman Ospork has become a weird guy in a green mask and New Pork is in danger!'

NOV084075 Uncle Scrooge #386 sc, 7"x10", 64pg, color $7.99
by various
Two stories.

NOV084076 Walt Disney's Comics & Stories #701 sc, 7"x10", 80pg, color $9.99
by even more various
Six stories, including part two of Floyd Gottfredson's 1932 Mickey Mouse adventure, "Treasure Island."'

PAGE 293
NOV084204 Tales of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #54 54pg, b&w $3.25
by Jim Lawson
by Andrew Bonia, Bob LeFevre & Mostafa Moussa
'Raphael seriously injures the Fugitoid in a bar room brawl leaving the robotic hero struggling with damaged circuitry'. Is this indeed 54 pages like the previous issue?

PAGE 294
NOV084212 Little Nothings vol. 2: The Prisoner Syndrome sc, 6"x9", 128pg, color $14.95
by Lewis Trondheim
'More of the acclaimed comics blog musings of one of the greatest comic artists alive today, author of Dungeon, A.L.I.E.E.E.N., and Mr. O. The Onion called the first collection "a hoot" and the Washington Post thought them "beautifully scribbled strips center[ing] on such existential hiccups as extreme self-doubt, spontaneous superstitions and unjustified paranoia." A collection from his comics blog that expands his palette with full color painting, one can only be awed at Trondheim's uncanny sense of observation and relate to all his experiences closely. You can see a preview of these comics blog entries on NBM's website.' Volume one is offered again (NOV084213). I include this here because Trondheim draws everyone animal (mostly bird)-headed, himself somewhat eaglish. See for a positive review that also points to others.

PAGE 301
NOV084240 Furrlough #188 48pg, b&w $4.99
by various
48 pages with three continuing series, as usual: 'Ebin and May' by Christina Hanson and Ed Garcia; 'Lancaster the Ghost Hunter' by Phil Gibson; and 'Treasure Hunters' by Remi Perron.

NOV084241 Genus Male #8 48pg, b&w $5.99
by likewise various
Furry porn with protrusions.

PAGE 301
NOV084242 Stone Rabbit vol 1: B.C. Mambo sc, 6"x9", 96pg, color $5.99
by Eric Craddock
'Stone Rabbit is a bored little bunny who lives a humdrum existence in the sleepy town of Happy Glades. But all that changes when he discovers a time portal of doom - right under his bathroom rug! Suddenly, Stone Rabbit finds himself on a Jurassic journey in a prehistoric world, facing off against vicious velociraptors, terrifying T. rexes, and a nefarious Neanderthal bent on world conquest. Will our hero be able to save the past and return to the present - or will he become extinct? . . . Erik Craddock grew up during the '80s and '90s on a steady diet of comics, video games, and pop culture. It was during his time as a student at New York City's School of Visual Arts that Stone Rabbit was born.'

NOV084243 Stone Rabbit vol 2: Pirate Palooza sc, 6"x9", 96pg, color $5.99
by Eric Craddock
'When his coffee table's leg breaks, Stone Rabbit replaces it with the cursed peg-leg of a long-dead pirate-and inadvertently unleashes the ghostly fury of Captain Barnacle Bob! Suddenly, our hero finds himself clashing cutlasses with salty specters and fleeing from scary sea beasts. Will Stone Rabbit escape with both of his long ears intact? Or will he end up as a squid's snack?'


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