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Threaded image-based forums similar to image boards, but designed for posting original doodles created using the oekaki software.

Treehouse of the Secret Moon

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NSFW cub-oriented oekaki. Underage characters, often in mature or sexual situations – much like the MUCK location.

Deep Thinking Perverts

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Beginner to intermediate adult oekaki. Also hosts Coonaki, a less-mature site with a strong raccoon bias. See the archives for the better works.

The Furry Shack

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Generic beginners' furry oekaki. Highly variable quality; some human content.

Bluefurry Oekaki

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Furry and Digimon/Pokemon/video game characters. Registration required for access to adult work.

PapayaKitty Oekaki

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PurpleKecleon's oekaki board. Typically features various Pokémon, Neopets, and the host's own "flower kitties".