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'Cerebus: High Society' to go digital after Kickstarter success

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CerebusCerebus: High Society, part of Canadian comic-book artist Dave Sim's epic comic series Cerebus, is set to be released in an e-book format.

Cerebus ran over December 1977–March 2004. In its 6,000 pages, the series chronicled the adventures of an anthropomorphic aardvark. Initially a parody of sword and sorcery comics, the series explored such topics as politics, high society, and religion.

The High Society subplot is now being released as a "combination e-book, audio book/digital graphic novel/oral history/weekly serialization" after successfully raising over $33,000 in a Kickstarter campaign (with 25 days to go). As the initial $6,000 goal was exceeded in less than nine hours, Dave Sims has promised to release all the Cerebus books as e-books.

Aardvark genes closest to common mammal ancestor

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BBC Online reports about a new study which indicates the aardvark, of all modern mammals, may be the closest, genetically, to the common ancestor of all placental mammals. As the story says, this isn't to say that the common ancestor looked like an aardvark, but rather, it appears that the aardvark's genome has had "fewer shuffles" than any other species.