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Interview: Immelmann on his Internet legacy

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I had the pleasure of interviewing Immelmann on his Internet legacy, including Concession, Ballerina Mafia, At the Heart of it All, and his newest comic, The Black Dogs [released last Friday]. My questions and comments are not to be taken seriously.

Me: Good evening, Immelmann! Thank you so much for joining me tonight! It's a real pleasure having you on the show. Against my better judgement, I'm a big fan. Been following your work for a few years now!

ImmelmannImmelmann: I'm real sorry to hear t- I mean, thank you.

Me: Alright, let's go over your history real quick. You've formally been a part of the furry community for six years this July! In that time you've created a big name for yourself with three webcomics, a musical album, and a Fur Affinity gallery. You've won an Ursa Major for best anthropomorphic graphic novel for 2009, and you're currently in the works of another web comic. Can you believe it's only been six years?

Immelmann: ...Jesus, I can't believe I've spent six years hanging out online with these weirdos... It's weird when you put it that way, because that encompasses essentially my whole college career. It's like I got out of high school, and said, "wellp, time to be a professional furry." And I don't even have a fursuit yet, I'm a terrible furry.