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Convergence Con Report

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Last weekend, your intrepid Flayrah editor-in-chief attended CONvergence in Bloomington, Minnesota. I had a smashing good time. I will also be attending Anthrocon this coming weekend, which will be an interesting excersize in comparisions, since both AC and CON are roughly the same size, but with very different focuses and philosophies. You can click on Read More to hear about my experiences at CONvergence.

Convergence 2001

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In the 'conventions I wanted to attend this year' catagory, there was Convergence, which takes place over the July 4th weekend in Bloomington, Minnesota. I didn't make it this year, but the minions at Cthulhu Coffee did. Here's their Convention Report. Also of interest to furry fans may be their Hastur's Guide to Hosting a Room Party. Furry fandom has a dearth of good convention room parties, and we should attempt to learn from the experts.