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Furocity returns from three-week hiatus

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Furry community website Furocity is back after an extended hiatus.

The site was offline for most of the month, with no uploads during 5–24 September.

No explanation was given for its suspension, leading to posts on Inkbunny and SoFurry. The resumption came a few days after an attempt to contact site admin Gavin Daemonshyai.

Furocity staff 'joining forces' with Fur Affinity

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Fur Affinity and Furocity owners Dragoneer and Gavin Daemonshyai have announced plans to share staff and resources between the two sites.

The two owners have worked together on FA: United, and according to Dragoneer they will "share responsibilities of the sites as equals (co-owners)", with Gavin's team bringing "coding expertise" and "improved administrative structure and coordination" to FA.

Gavin explained that while "the sites themselves are staying completely separate" (accounts will not be merged), Fur Affinity is gaining administrators and programming staff to implement requested improvements, such as the delayed summer update.

Fur Affinity also added a 12TB disk array this week, after running out of space for work.

Furocity back up after PSU failure

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Furry community website Furocity has returned to life after downtime starting March 4.

Furocity's secondary server also suffered PSU failure, knocking their outage notice offline.

Site admin Gavin Daemonshyai has promised more details after resting from a 22-hour day.