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A week on FurSpace: a look at furry social networking

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A screen grab of The Chained Wolf's FurSpace page

In a fandom which mainly rose from the internet, it seems to be expected that furries should embrace social networking.

Of course, there are the main social networking websites such as MySpace and Facebook. However, you could argue that there are some problems. One is that MySpace is owned by NewsCorp and I for one really, really hate Rupert Murdoch. The other is that if you are afraid of coming out as a furry, then you dare not join a furry group for fear of your other friends from knowing.

So, there are social networking websites just for furries. There are lots of different such sites such as FURiends, MyFursona and However, I decided to join FurSpace, because I was aware of a few furries on it.

FurreSpace threatens FurSpace with legal action over name

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FurreSpace and FurSpace get into legal strop over naming rights

FurreSpace – the social networking site started by furry web host Furtopia – has threatened social newcomer FurSpace with legal action over the similarity of their names and domains.

In a statement posted on FurSpace, founder Kisuka questioned what copyright claims that FurreSpace has to the name, and asked the community for feedback on the case.