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Ursa Major Awards voting ends April 18; "Jack" withdrawn

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Voting for the Ursa Major Awards for the Best Anthropomorphic Art and Literature first published during 2009 ends on April 18.

Anyone may vote, and you are encouraged to ask your friends to vote also. Visit the Ursa Major Awards web site to sign up to vote, or view the list of nominees.

On April 9, David Hopkins, the author of Jack, contacted the Ursa Major Award administrators to request that the work be withdrawn from consideration for the award in the category of Best Graphic Story. For technical reasons it must still appear on the ballot, but as the online voting system allows people to revise their choices at any time until the close of voting, those who have voted for Jack have the opportunity to select another nominee if they wish.

Webcomic review: Jack by David Hopkins

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The cast of Jack
The cast of Jack

Of all the webcomics out there, Jack probably holds title of being one of the most disturbing. This comic was described in a previous review by Comixtalk as containing, “rape, drug use, swearing, graphic sexual acts, incest, cannibalism, nudity, savage violence, and images of hell”.