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Jon Ponikvar

Interview: 'Peter and Company' creator Jon Ponikvar

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I had the pleasure of interviewing Jon Ponikvar about his plans to turn his webcomic 'Peter and Company' into an animated series. My questions and comments are not to be taken seriously.

Peter and SethIsiah Jacobs: Good evening, Mr. Ponikvar! Thank you so much for joining us tonight!

Jon Ponikvar: Thank you for having me.

Isiah Jacobs: So, as I understand it, you have a webcomic that you call Peter and Company. Could you please briefly explain what this comic is all about?

Jon Ponikvar: Yes indeed. It runs off a basic premise. "What if a child's imaginary friend were actually his guardian angel?"

The story revolves around Peter, a young cat, who is having trouble making it through childhood. Sort of a social outcast, has a hard time making friends, that sort of thing. One day he makes a new friend in Seth, a white-suited duck. He also realizes that he's the only one who can see him.

Isiah Jacobs: Sounds like he's tripping balls. Do you condone drug abuse?

Jon Ponikvar: LOL if it's a hallucination, then it's a pretty advanced trip. Considering other kids have Guardians as well and they can interact with each other. But yes, that's the basic premise of the comic. It's sort of a slice-of-life design with a tiny bit of fantasy mixed in.