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Man in animal suit wearing chocolate 'bomb vest' shot by police at Baltimore TV station

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Baltimore Police Department patch

Normally, a television station reports on the news, not become its top story. The Baltimore Sun and WJZ-TV 13 are reporting that a 25-year-old man from Elkridge, Howard County, Maryland wearing a full-body animal suit (claimed to be a "grey hedgehog onesie" by the station's security guard to WJZ-TV), combat boots and a surgical mask over his face was shot by police at the parking lot of Sinclair Broadcast Group-owned WBFF, Baltimore's Fox 45.

The incident occurred when the suspect first set fire to a car in the parking lot of WBFF with a burning gasoline-soaked rag in the gas tank and afterwards, entered the vestibule of WBFF. When approached by the station's on-duty security guard, he claimed to have information that needed to be shared with the station, and handed over a USB thumb drive containing a rambling manifesto about space and the government, as well as the end of the world, in a video file.

Fursuiter and event organizer PandaGuy loses battle with heart failure, diabetes

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PandaGuy v3 Fursuiter and fan organizer PandaGuy (Jon Albers) died Sunday at age 44, after congestive heart failure accompanied by diabetes. [tip: Antimon]

PandaGuy was an ardent fursuiter, acting out the eponymous PandaGuy (created in 1996, rebuilt twice), Amiri Lion, Bamboozle the panda/coon, Boris Bear, Arkune Raccoon, and Big/Little Jabari.

Despite suffering from heart failure previously in 2004, PandaGuy threw himself into organizing PandaGuy's Picnic, held annually to 2005. He was a guest of honor for Mephit Fur Meet 12 in 2008.

Baltimore area furs offer prizes for convention name ideas

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A group of fans near Baltimore, Maryland plan to start their own furry convention, and are looking for naming ideas – for which they appear to be willing to pay. [skippyfox]

Prizes on offer include a $50 gift card, free admission, a t-shirt and a "super special" ribbon. Entries (one per person) must be in by Tuesday night.

Under the turtle's mask

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Maryland student and Diamondback writer Kaitlin Bulavinetz talks about her tryout experience as Testudo, the university's terrapin mascot.

Kaitlin appears to be somewhat of a fan herself:

When I go to games, I watch the mascot. While my friends cheer when the Terps score, I cheer when Testudo crowd surfs.