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Mobile animated story creator NARR8 preps furry offerings

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Subject #9Furs may enjoy the recently-announced mobile "motion comic" Subject #9, judging by its preview video. [tip: Lux/WeFurries]

NARR8 has its own introductory video, where it's breathlessly described as:

An entirely new way to experience dynamic and engrossing stories for free. [...] Unique layouts, animations, and visual effects, in regularly-updated episodes.

Essentially, they're creating original animated comic books and graphic novels.

Subject #9 follows a straightforward plot:

The adventure begins when eight young and vastly different prisoners unite to escape from a mysterious secret laboratory. Each one of them has unique abilities that they are yet to master. But first they have to learn team-work, understand the nature and goal of the laboratory experiments and find out who is behind all of it. The answers to these questions lead our heroes towards the grim truth...

Subject #9 combines sci-fi, adventure, and traditional superhero elements with colorful characters and an engrossing plot full of secrets and mysteries. We hope you'll enjoy reading Subject #9 as much as the team enjoyed creating it.