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Review: ‘Unity Book 1: Ascent’, by fluffy

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Unity Book I: AscentI usually do not like furry science fiction.

My problem is that furries tend to start with furry, and add the science fiction later. The visual of a walking, talking fox/cat/rabbit/whatever is introduced in the mind of the furry author, and an explanation is cobbled together as an afterthought. To call this a disservice to science fiction is an understatement.

The comic strip Unity written by fluffy (the author is dedicated to the pseudonym, even putting it on the spine of this collection of the first major storyline), is a rare example where the science fiction does not suffer as a consequence of the furry aspects of the piece.

'Unity Book I: Ascent' now available

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 AscentThe first collection of Unity comics, Ascent, is available on Amazon.

The science-fiction comic was promoted on Kickstarter as featuring "platypuses in the future", and follows Juni, an environmental engineer who must piece its life together after awaking with memory loss. Also, it lives on an interstellar space arc that has been adrift for millions of years.

The anthology covers 255 strips from February 2007 to February 2010. It costs $4.99 in Kindle format, or $16.99 in paperback.

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