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Third time's the charm?

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The oryx-loving lioness has adopted a third baby oryx.

For those keeping track, the first adopted oryx was killed by other lions. The second adopted oryx was placed in a zoo because it showed signs of malnutrition.

It was cute the first time, but...

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You might remember the last time we reported on a lioness caring for a baby antelope, who was later eaten by another lion.
Well, it's happened again. She's found ANOTHER oryx, and is caring for it. Experts are much more worried this time because the mother of the baby cannot nurse it (it's understandibly terrified of the lion pride). The lioness is protecting the new baby so well that not only are other lions not able to steal it, humans can't take it away to give it some food. If this continues, it will likely starve in the next day or two.

Lioness adopts oryx, puzzles experts

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BBC Online reports a lioness on the Samburu Game Reserve in central Kenya, baffled experts recently when she adopted a baby oryx. The oryx is a type of antelope normally eaten by lions. The lioness defended the oryx from other predators, and even allowed its natural mother to feed it. Unfortunately, the story doesn't have a story book ending. While the lioness was asleep, after caring for the oryx for two weeks, another lion ate the oryx.