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Phoenix Phurmeet

Anthrozona coming soon

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Ok, my original plan for Phoenix Phur Con died, mostly from over ambition. This time, we're moving slowly, we've got a Yahoo group, for discussion. All manner of discussion is welcome and desired, particularly that from people with con experience, furry or otherwise, and furs that have felt that the cons they have attended could have been improved. Currently we're at the initial stage of locating potential venues, and may even had one, more news on that will be posted in the group.

Phoenix Phurmeet 2005

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Ok, this isn't exactly an official announcement, but more a plea for help. The short form is that we'll be starting a mini-con April 2005 with the exact days to be determined in the future, but we need some help and advice.

1) What events should we offer, keeping in mind that this is a first year and small con?
2) What do you expect to see at a con(artists alley, art show, dealer room, lounge, etc)?
3) Where should we hold it(ie hotel event space or the likely cheaper VFW Hall or similar)?

Aside from that, any advice, suggestions, volunteering and ideas are welcome and can be sent to it bounces, wait twelve hours and resend, since I just set it up).