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Review: 'Death on the Omnibus', by Flinthoof

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Death on the OmnibusWell, yarst! I learned in library school that the “real title” of a book is what it says on the title page. Death on the Omnibus is just what it says on the cover, and the title page says only, “The ROOMIES Omnibus”. What’s an ex-librarian to do?

This is the big (8 ½” x 11”) complete collection of all of Flinthoof’s humorous Internet comic strip, Roomies, at four strips per page. It contains all 1,200+ strips, from May 31, 1999 to November 21, 2008; plus a new story just for this edition, a new Introduction by Tibo, and thoughts by Flinthoof three years later on having drawn Roomies.

Well, not COMPLETE. There were occasional Roomies guest strips by other Furry cartoonists over the 9+ years, notably Seattle’s Sheryl Schopfer of the Deer Me webstrip, as well as a few non-continuity strips and full-page art by Flinthoof himself.

This collection jettisons some of this extra material, retaining mostly what has been designed into the basic story line. For the complete Roomies, see its website & archives. You will still want Death on the Omnibus for its new material.

“Death on the Omnibus”, by Flinthoof (Dan Caanan)
Lynnwood, WA, Jarlidium Press, December 2011. Trade paperback $18.00 (339 pages).