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'The Boy Who Cried Wolf' updated by automatic sheep collars

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Wired reports that Swiss scientists are trying to develop a sheep collar that will notify shepherds when wolves attack their sheep, and will release a chemical deterrent.

Encyclopædia Dramatica lets Swiss office lapse, loses domain

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Internet drama website Encyclopædia Dramatica had its domain suspended late last week after letting its virtual office in Switzerland lapse, bureaucrat Zaiger reports:

I wish we could say there was an epic story regarding DDoS, hacking, doxing and pwnage, but the reality is we just didn't renew our virtual office in Switzerland, which was a prerequisite of having a .ch domain. We don't know when we will get it back, all we have gotten from the registrars office is that it has been frozen for legal reasons. This is not something that is generally vigorously enforced, but apparently the Swiss government has taken a shine to us.

The site, formed from a mirror of the original wiki, was hosted at While it may be possible for operators to regain the original domain name, for now the site has moved to

Encyclopædia Dramatica hosts numerous articles about furry fans, activities and websites, typically focussing on dramatic incidents; however, their reliability is questionable, as editors often exaggerate or simply make up material in an effort to 'spice up' boring topics.

Swiss B&D Bear Banned from public diplay.

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Remember Chicago's "Cows on Parade" statues? Well, Zurich decided to follow suit, but use bears. Only this particular one, painted up in bondage gear, was deemed to be unsuitable for the place it was going, right next to some of Switzerland's most prominent banks. Full story on Yahoo! News