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Wastelander Panda

'Wastelander Panda' episodes released online

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Following a launch in Adelaide, South Australia, three mini-episodes of Wastelander Panda have been released on the project's website and YouTube channel.
'Wastelander Panda' Arcayus and Akira
The episodes show glimpses of brutal life in a vast wasteland inhabited by humans and the occasional, rare, anthropomorphic animal. The main characters are a human child (later adult) named Rose, panda brothers Isaac and Arcayus, and an anthro bison named Akira.

The story is presented as three discontinuous videos - viewers will need to read the accompanying background texts to understand how the story fits together as a whole. The producers now hope to expand their episodes into an extended web or television series.

'Wastelander Panda' episodes available online on May 27

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'Wastelander Panda' Release dateA year ago, Epic Films released the prologue/teaser of Wastelander Panda, the post-apocalyptic tale of Arcayus, the Wasteland’s last remaining panda. Along with Rose (a human girl raised by his brother, Isaac), Arcayus treks across a broken world ruled by anarchy, in search of vengeance.

The prologue's producers have now announced that they have completed work on the story, which will be released on May 27. The story is divided into three episodes, entitled Isaac & Rose (13 mins), Arcayus & Rose (15 mins), and Arcayus & Akira (8 mins).

Two private screenings will be held in Adelaide, South Australia, for the production's cast, crew, and those who supported the project through its Pozible crowdfunding campaign. The episodes will then be made publicly available on the project's official website and YouTube channel.

'Wastelander Panda': last-minute call for voice actors

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The producers of Wastelander Panda, the tale of Arcayus (an anthropomorphic panda wandering a post-apocalyptic wasteland) have made a last-minute call for voice actors.

With the project now in post-production, the producers are looking for three actors to voice the three animal characters in the story. In particular, they are looking to voice:

For anyone tempted to try out for a part, the close of applications is imminent (February 1st).

'Wastelander Panda' announces casting call

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Wastelander PandaEarlier this year, Epic Films released a trailer of Wastelander Panda, the story of an anthropomorphic panda named Arcayus, who wanders a post-apocalyptic wasteland.

After a successful bid to raise funds to turn the trailer into a three-episode series, Wastelander Panda went into pre-production and, on August 27, a casting call was made.

Filming of the series will take place over November 5-23, and will mostly occur in Adelaide, South Australia, with some additional filming in the Flinders Ranges. The parts to be cast include Rose (a human girl), gang members, and a family unit. In addition to these human parts, auditions will also be held for two actors to play "hybrid animal characters" in fursuits.

The deadline for applications is September 2. Extras casting will take place later, in October.

Video: Epic Films releases trailer for 'Wastelander Panda'

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Epic Films, an independent film group operating in Adelaide, South Australia, has released a trailer for a project entitled Wastelander Panda.

The pilot for an in-development television series, Wastelander Panda features an anthropomorphic, machete-wielding panda wandering a post-apocalyptic wasteland. The trailer has been likened to a hybrid of "Mad Max, Kung Fu Panda, and The Book of Eli".

The project began when when film students Victoria Cocks and Marcus McKenzie outlined the story of a young girl, Rose, who is raised by a panda. The 24-minute pilot features a $2000 mechanical panda head designed by Lion of the Sun Productions. [Trailer after the cut]