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Fur Affinity grows in 2009 despite downtime

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Despite recent downtime, furry community site Fur Affinity grew significantly in 2009, according to figures released by The Dragoneer this month.

Over 120,000 users joined the site; almost double that were active during the year, making over a million submissions. Users also made over 400,000 posts on their personal journals, garnering 3.5 million comments.

Fur Affinity's success has come at a cost for other sites, who have found traffic stagnating. The VCL in particular has lost ground, while Yiffstar recently relaunched itself as SoFurry in an attempt to attract new users. Fur Affinity also plans to move to a new layout.

For a site as large as FA, reported annual operating costs are relatively small at $14,231.76; donations and advertisements raised $13,943.79.

Yet another Yiffy Story Archive

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YIFFSTAR, a new story archive for yiffy stories only, has been launched. Submitted stories are being hosted, not linked to. We're still looking for folks who'd like to participate in maintaining the archive, as well as story contributions of course..