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Customize Your Furry-Wear!

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Lemonbrat describe themselves as a collection of artists who hand-make a variety of customizable anthropomorphic and rave-themed clothing. Very very customizable in fact, with dozens of furry-themed doo-dads that can be added to the various hoodies, dresses, bags, and other goodies that they sew together. And that’s on top of the fact they have many animal species in their catalog to begin with, from foxes to raccoons to rabbits to honey badgers (!) and more. Take a look at the Lemonbrat web site for all the clothing and other items they sell, and click on “Custom” to find out how they can personalize a look just for you. It’s not just ears and tails!

image c. 2015 Lemonbrat

image c. 2015 Lemonbrat



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