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Customize Your Furry-Wear!

Lemonbrat describe themselves as a collection of artists who hand-make a variety of customizable anthropomorphic and rave-themed clothing. Very very customizable in fact, with dozens of furry-themed doo-dads that can be added to the various hoodies, dresses, bags, and other goodies that they sew together. And that’s on top of the fact they have many animal species in their catalog to begin with, from foxes to raccoons to rabbits to honey badgers (!) and more. Take a look at the Lemonbrat web site for all the clothing and other items they sell, and click on “Custom” to find out how they can personalize a look just for you. It’s not just ears and tails!

image c. 2015 Lemonbrat

image c. 2015 Lemonbrat

Here There Be Unicorns

Unicornatopia is a collection of artists, craft-makers, and enthusiasts dedicated to the lore of the unicorn — from Peter S. Beagle’s The Last Unicorn to My Little Pony and beyond. To that end they maintain a unicorn-themed web site, and also travel in groups to various fannish conventions to sell not only artwork but custom-made wearable unicorn horns and other crafts. Their web site is, and it includes numerous links to other unicorn-themed sites as well as various artists associated with the group.

image c. 2012 Unicornatopia

Inkbunny starts v2.0, T-shirt contest to celebrate 3rd year

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Lunicent's Inkbunny t-shirt contest entryInkbunny is celebrating three years online by announcing a major redevelopment project – and a T-shirt contest.

We want to move to an open source model to get the community involved in extending the capabilities of the site, and so that anyone can easily create their own art/social site.

To do this we are creating the new site engine from the ground up. It will have all the features that people like from Inkbunny v1.0, but will use an established web framework, will have a new and improved interface and will launch with a bunch of new features we've always wanted to see added to the site.

The site, which saw its 300,000th submission this week, was launched in June 2010 after three months of closed testing. Since then, Inkbunny has added various features, including user-suggested keywords, but development has come in bursts due to time constraints.

Fashion: Minnie too skinny? She's not alone.

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The Cartoon Brew website has been covering the partnering of Barneys New York, a luxury haute couture shop, with the Disney organization to feature some classic Disney characters wearing exclusive Paris fashion styles, as part of Barneys’ Electric Holiday campaign, debuting at Barneys’ Madison Avenue store on November 14.

Women’s Wear Daily reported on August 29,

When unveiled to the public on Nov. 14, Barneys’ Madison Avenue flagship will feature a three-dimensional electric light show; a moving art short film in the window displays that will turn Disney’s most favorite heroes into runway supermodels and fashion regulars into Disney types, and an original score by Oscar-winning composer Michael Giacchino. […] The theme is a riff on Disney’s famous electrical parade, as well as the special lighting installations so central to the New York holiday season and the flashbulbs of fashion runways. […] The short film centers around Minnie Mouse’s fantasy to be at the Paris shows. There she comes across key Disney characters — Mickey Mouse, Goofy, Daisy Duck, Cruella de Vil, Princess Tiana and Snow White — all decked out in unique designer clothes as they make their way down the runway.

The announcement was also covered by the Los Angeles Times, Retailing Daily, Fashion Weekly, and others.

But the Cartoon Brew has the exclusive on the controversy that this is causing. The online is soliciting signatures for a petition to “leave Minnie Mouse alone”.

Jake on DVD. With Hat!

In the spirit of all-around marketing, Cartoon Network has just released the new Adventure Time: Jake vs. Me-Mow DVD… which includes your very own Finn Hat, which has become such a popular fashion accessory for ATFJ fans. The DVD (let’s not forget about that) features 16 episodes from all 4 seasons of Adventure Time with Finn and Jake, this time featuring Jake the magical dog taking on Me-Mow the dastardly cat. There’s a commercial for the package on YouTube… which, frankly, is about as strange as the show itself.

image c. 2012 Cartoon Network

Video: 'Life by a Thread'

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Anthropomorphism ain’t always pretty. Especially when it’s animated by Jim (Su)grue of NYC’s Titmouse Studios, and posted on the Cartoon Brew website. (Note: Graphic cartoon violence.)

Edward Gorey's plushies, fur coats on the block

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Ever wanted a hand-sewn bat plushie by noted author Edward Gorey? Now's your chance, as Bloomsbury Auctions is running an estate sale. [tip: Higgs Raccoon/OzFurry]

The focus of the auction is fur coats, including a tanuki coat. However, there's a variety of other lots, including the aforementioned bat – a present for illustrator James Marshall, reminiscent of the lead character in The Gilded Bat. There's also a plush Figbash of the kind which accompanied the 26 lettered copies of The Raging Tide, a choose-your-own-adventure-style book by Gorey.

But you'd better get down to the New York auction house at 6 West 48th Street quickly – bidding starts at 11AM Eastern today. (Bids also accepted at Live Auctioneers and