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Inkbunny deploys community keyword suggestion system

Edited as of Thu 26 Jul 2012 - 22:13
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Furry art community Inkbunny has deployed a means for users to suggest and approve keywords. The long-anticipated feature was rolled out after several days of testing, leading to the addition of keyword history.

The feature had been requested by users wishing to improve the site experience for others, as keywords are used heavily by Inkbunny's search and blocking features:

While Inkbunny remains one of the most comprehensively tagged/keyworded archives among all the furry art sites, we believe this new feature will make immense improvements both to finding submissions by keywords you want to see, and blocking submissions with keywords you want to avoid.

Artists control acceptance of keywords, and can block individual keywords on one submission, or all under their account, as well as turning off suggestions per-submission or for all their work. Users can be banned from submitting keywords by an artist (or globally, by the moderators), and must have a three-month-old account to participate. Moderators remain the final arbiters in disputes.

Among other updates, the number of thumbnails displayed per gallery page was doubled (to 60), guests can now be blocked from journals, and updated submission links now show the latest page. A co-located backup server was also added to complement existing offsite backups.

The author is an Inkbunny moderator.

Update (July 24): Mass accept and one-notice-per-hour have been added to the keyword feature.


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You should probably also mention how that compares with other sites. For example FA doesn't support tag blocking or community tagging. SoFurry also uses the tag blocking feature and has supported user-suggested tags since August 2011, almost a full year.

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