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August 2013 Newsbytes archive

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Contributors this month include crossaffliction, dronon, Fred, GreenReaper, Higgs Raccoon, mailboxbooks, Patch Packrat, Rakuen Growlithe, RingtailedFox and Sonious.

GreenReaper: Condition gets coverage in London, Ontario paper.

GreenReaper: Did you know @GamingFurever writes furry game news? We've added them to our footer.

crossaffliction: TV Guide on bronies. Oh, and Season 4 is Nov. 24.

crossaffliction: Cameron decides to let someone else write the Avatar sequels. Good call, though three?

Fred: Problems in translation: Bengaluru-based VedAtma Animation Studios is/are working on a 90-minute animated feature titled Mahatmaan – the Supreme Being, about a superhero who fights anthropomorphic monsters. Better not call a superhero a ‘Supreme Being’ in America.

GreenReaper: Baby elephants like paddling in the heat, too.

mailboxbooks: DJ Ear joins Rabbit Valley.

mailboxbooks: Rabbit Valley Comics now has over 65 digital items including CD albums, books, graphic novels, and movies - all fandom created.

mailboxbooks: Circles Issue 5 Digital Edition now available at Rabbit Valley Digital Store.

Fred: How many dog videos on YouTube are considered "anti-Islam" by overly-sensitive Muslims?

crossaffliction: Presented sans context: NaNaNANA BATCOW!!!

Higgs Raccoon: August 5th's selection from the archives of The Guardian newspaper is an article from 1960 about Louis Wain and his portrayals of anthropomorphic cats.

GreenReaper: First lab-grown burger has "intense taste".

GreenReaper: Saturday night not the best time to wear a "furry mask" into Walmart.

crossaffliction: Equestria Daily rounds up articles on the Air Force “My Little Pilot” badge.

crossaffliction: And speaking of ponies, Equestria Girls is available on DVD/Blu-Ray/Digital now. Try it.

crossaffliction: M.C.A. Hogarth’s Spots the Space Marine makes a Cracked countdown in a good way.

Patch Packrat: Tropicana ad: "City shut down on account of furries."

dronon: Edo Superstar game - trailer and kickstarter.

GreenReaper: Social dolphins remember friends' whistles for two decades.

GreenReaper: Ratchet to return with Into the Nexus.

RingtailedFox: Kangaroo rescues 7-year-old boy in Australia.

RingtailedFox: Man kills dog by blowing it up, in Washington state.

Higgs Raccoon: This year's Toronto International Film Festival to include The Animal Project, an "eccentric-sounding film about a cast of characters who live their days dressed in furry animal suits".

crossaffliction: Discovery Channel’s ‘Shark Week’ is rightly coming under fire. That Megalodon: The Monster Shark Lives was MST3K worthy.

Sonious: Hotel for IndyFurCon 2013, Sheraton, bans fursuiting before the hour of 6PM.

Higgs Raccoon: @Sonious: As I understand it, they can fursuit before 6pm, but not congregate in the lobby.

crossaffliction: The absolute highest quality animation* you’ll ever see.

crossaffliction *That is gay kemono, anyway.

crossaffliction: I was pretty pumped for the Guardians of the Galaxy already, but I just realized the movie will be directed by the guy who directed Slither. Hell, yes!

crossaffliction: Disney’s animated movie for 2016: Zootopia. Thief fox. Bunny cop. Together, they fight crime. Hell, yes, again!

dronon: For World of Warcraft players, The Burdens of Shaohao, a six-part short video series about the last emperor of the Pandaren. Art by Laurel Austin.

Patch Packrat: An out of the ordinary experimenter with furry fiction ... Carlton Mellick III, luminary of the "bizarro" genre.

mailboxbooks: Rabbit Valley® Comics Weekly Update - New items added to the store, top shipped items and upcoming travel.

crossaffliction: Vin Diesel: I am Groot? Still no Rocket Raccoon, though … [Drew McWeeney/Motion Captured]

dronon: The Wombles may be returning.

Higgs Raccoon: Swedish swimmers warned over testicle-biting pacu fish.

Fred: Bright green bees and more.

Fred: Bringing plush animals to life.

RingtailedFox: Costa Rica to free zoo animals!

Sonious: The American Kennel Club writes on its intent to not support the 2016 World Dog Show if held in anti-gay Russia.

Higgs Raccoon: A second or two of footage of Rocket Raccoon from Guardians of the Galaxy.

Higgs Raccoon: All is safe again for Swedish swimmers.

Fred:Hopping out glowing green bunnies for science.”

Higgs Raccoon: Rebekah the raccoon (from the recent showering-with-a-raccoon viral video) has been taken away by the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency.

crossaffliction:I was a lion, of course, because lions are nature's drummers (duh).”

GreenReaper: This dog, however, is not a lion.

GreenReaper: Lost for years in a museum, then tracked down to the cloud forests of South America: a new procyonid, the olinguito.

Sonious: Forbes proves they suffer from confusion as they use Further Confusion's logo on article addressing healthcare law confusions.

GreenReaper: Good thing they're announcing a new one on Saturday.

Patch Packrat: If you're aware of the plight of press journalism, check out the hard hitting work of this animal rights activist.

Patch Packrat: Fur Affinity artist commission prices survey.

RingtailedFox: Chinese zoo disguises dog as lion.

RingtailedFox: Rescued puppies in Manitoba find foster homes.

GreenReaper: Macaque tool use threatened by human development.

crossaffliction: Michael Bay’s TMNT movie delayed. Unfortunately, only for like a week.

mailboxbooks: Rabbit Valley Comics Weekly Update - All kinds of good stuff going on!

crossaffliction: Animal mask featuring horror movie You’re Next’s director also had a great animal-themed segment in The ABCs of Death.

crossaffliction: For media followers: Critics are more likely to pan a movie than audiences, with two odd exceptions: documentaries and “black” comedies.

Higgs Raccoon: Seth MacFarlane indicates a Passover 2015 release date for Ted 2.

GreenReaper: Brown bears airlifted to safety during Russian flood.

dronon: How Finding Nemo could have been a very different and more scientifically accurate film.

Higgs Raccoon:007? Spider-Pig? Nope, it's GG Bond, China's super pig.”

Fred: One way for scientists to learn more about whales.

GreenReaper: Who wants a belly rub?

GreenReaper: Inkbunny seeks funding for new server.

Higgs Raccoon: Anthropomorphizing animals could help conservation projects.

Patch Packrat: Crocodile's blog "goes deep" about fursuiting.

crossaffliction: Rocket Raccoon rumor: Is Bradley Cooper the voice of The Guardian of the Galaxy’s furry draw?

Higgs Raccoon:Snails with frickin' LEDs on their heads.”

GreenReaper: Wolves howl more to keep in contact with 'friends' and high-ranking pack-mates.

Patch Packrat: The Last Unicorn big screen tour, remastered print, with author Peter Beagle: 2 shows announced last minute in San Diego this weekend (8/24-25).

RingtailedFox: Apparently, moose get road rage, too!

dronon: Russian museum cat portraits.

Higgs Raccoon: A piece of anthropomorphic taxidermy currently on display at College Green, Bristol, UK.

Higgs Raccoon: (Also in Bristol, but winding down now: Gromit Unleashed.)

RingtailedFox: I've heard of a dog-eat-dog world... but bear-eat-bear???

Rakuen Growlithe: I don't come here for weeks and I miss out on all the good debates. :/ Oh well, here's something about Australian cats and foxes being better than you think.

GreenReaper: Sea otters promote sea grass.

GreenReaper: Inkbunny got that new server (and it's fast).

Patch Packrat: Sleeping man cuddles with fox after mistaking it for his girlfriend.

GreenReaper: Student paper covers growth of furry club at Ball State University.

dronon: Klaw appears to be a French comic about a teen (and son of a mafia don?) who can turn into a tiger-man, and there are others with similar powers, based on the Chinese zodiac.

GreenReaper: You can trust a furry to keep you warm in winter. [tip: Starling]

crossaffliction: The disturbing MLP:FiM panties just got competition. [Zayev]


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