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August 2013 Newsbytes archive

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Contributors this month include crossaffliction, dronon, Fred, GreenReaper, Higgs Raccoon, mailboxbooks, Patch Packrat, Rakuen Growlithe, RingtailedFox and Sonious.

Rabbit Valley reveals new digital items, Dragon's Hoard titles

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2 the Ranting Gryphon: Just Who I AmRabbit Valley Comics has expanded its digital product offering to include short stories by Graveyard Greg, digital versions of 2 The Ranting Gryphon's stand up comedy videos, as well as audio collections by JackRabbit and 2.

Rabbit Valley launched the digital items store this February, with novels by Alflor Aalto and Wolf and a host of comic books, including Spooo Presents titles, Circles, Fast Boyz Delivery Service, and The Royal Tale.

Two new Dragon's Hoard titles are also available: NomNoms #2 and Runt #2, featuring art from Dark Natasha, Enderis, Jace, NecroDrone, SalerthS, Sidian, and Skulldog.

Rabbit Valley release 'The Mystic Sands', 'Pile', and 'Gratitude'

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Rabbit Valley Comics have three new titles to announce:

These are available for pre-order and will ship within the next two to three weeks.

Rabbit Valley call for writer submission for 2013 anthologies

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Rabbit Valley are looking for authors to submit stories for their ongoing anthology projects. They will be publishing several anthologies in 2013 and need authors to submit stories for review. Check out their submissions page for details.

Listen: Isiah Jacobs interviews Andrew Rabbit about their anthologies [25Mb MP3, 28:13]

Video review: 'DSV Nautica Vol. 1'

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Isiah reviews 'DSV Nautica Volume 1' after his interview from forever ago.

Links: Web version - print edition - users on FA: Rei Vegan - Zhelle - Yoippari

Furry retailers deploy deals for 'Cyber Monday'

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Looking to stock up on presents for the holidays? Several furry retailers are participating in 'Cyber Monday', including Rabbit Valley (15% off $100 or more, in-stock only, to Dec. 1, code 'Cyber2011'), FurPlanet (15% off everything, 'FOXES') and FetishZone (NSFW; up to 50% off).

Bad Dragon had (NSFW) 40% off black, medium-firm toys for Black Friday, but sold out; a 10% global discount remains in effect for the next ten hours. [scottbob3/reddit]

Circles Issue #5 and Rocketship Rodents #1 ready (early)

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Rabbit Valley ® Comics has just released Circles Issue #5 and the long awaited Rocketship Rodents Issue #1 today. Read more for additional shipping details.

Rabbit Valley announces RSS/XML feeds and new website integration stuff

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Rabbit Valley Comics and its crack team of programming coyotes have put together several new features to its website.

RSS/XML Feeds: Add the top 10 best selling furry items for the last 14 days or the contents of any store directory to your LiveJournal, Netscape/Mozilla tool bar, page, or more. You can also check out for the top 10 items page too.

Sales Integration: Add your very own smaller version of the Rabbit Valley store to any website. Great for artists who want to sell their own work but don't want the hassle of, well, doing anything other than getting a check.

Wishlist Integration: Create a list of items you would like to buy in the future or receive as gifts. Then, share the list with friends or include it on your web page.

Read more for extra information and more links.

Furry Artistic Partnership CD-ROM

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Released at Further Confusion, a consortium of artists has created a new CD-ROM project featuring the artwork of Equis, Fel, Fennec, FoxxFire, Green Monkey, Guppy, Grrrwolf, Ian R. Soulfox, Nanimoose, and Wookiee. FAP Session One is available directly from the artists or through Rabbit Valley.

Rabbit Valley: ASB Calendar and Genus Male #3

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Rabbit Valley (R) Comics has released the new 13 month 2004 Associated Student Bodies calendar featuring artwork by Chris McKinley and Werepuppy. This exclusive calender also includes a special limited edition print that will not be included in the portfolios.

Also, Radio Comix annual Genus Male #3 is now in stock and ready for shipment. This extremely popular title comes annually and includes brand new work by Max Blackrabbit, Fel and Van, as well as previous contributors Daria McGrain and John Barrett.

Rabbit Valley Artists Cooperative Association printing services

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Rabbit Valley has now opened up its printing services to all artists. Artists do not need to sell prints through Rabbit Valley to take advantage of these services now. You can get artwork printed up to 44 inches (1.1 meters) wide for life size prints of your characters. Read for more info...

New Terrie Smith Calendars

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Terrie Smith has released two new calendars, one for mature readers and one suitable for your office cube. They are now available at Rabbit Valley. Read more for direct links.

Furries and Nigerian 419 Scams

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By now, everyone in the world must have received one of those annoying, poorly written emails from a "high ranking official" or a "business associate" somewhere in Nigeria. We now have discovered that said Nigerians have a love for Gold Digger and Ninja High School t-shirts. Furries with a store, an auction, or a print sales web site should probably take heed and just not ship to Nigeria. Read more for the rather silly details and e-mails from Rabbit Valley Comics.

Rabbit Valley Back On-Line

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Ack. After Verizon knocked out the DSL service for Rabbit Valley Comics, they finally restored it on Monday. It's back up and running and ready for preorders on Circles #4.

Circles #4 Pre-Orders Start July 11

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The long awaited issue #4 of Circles will be ready for sale from the Rabbit Valley(R) Comic Shop on Friday, July 11th.