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Rabbit Valley release 'The Mystic Sands', 'Pile', and 'Gratitude'

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Rabbit Valley Comics have three new titles to announce:

These are available for pre-order and will ship within the next two to three weeks.

The Mystic Sands

The Mystic Sands by Alflor Aalto

PG - 245 pages - $20.00

Edwin Fowler is a curious specimen. He devours books on ancient cultures with a ravenous hunger, speaks a dozen ancient languages as fluently as his own...

And yet, this raccoon has managed to turn down every opportunity presented before him to see the remnants of these wondrous civilizations in the flesh. No one knows the root of this reluctance, and he least of all.

But one day, an opportunity comes along which Edwin cannot turn down – if only because he and his brother are wanted for murder.


Pile by Kandrel

Adult - 68 pages - $9.94

Scott Beecham would have been the ideal soldier, if a little bit of bad luck hadn't left him dead before he'd even seen his first battlefield. Unfortunately for him, that was only the beginning of his story.

Now he's stuck in a body that's not his own, trying to get back to the life he left behind...

Gratitude and Gratiuity

Gratitude and Gratiuity by Varzen Dralmort & A. Kita

Artwork and Illustrations by Stephanie “Ifus” Johnson
PG - 434 pages - $25.00

In Trouble Again

Ninety thousand dollars?” Kip felt ill.

“Keep your chin up, fish,” the grey wolf said, slipping a thumb in his waistband as they sat on his jail bunk. “It ain’t so bad. Just need ten percent in cash for bail. So you suck dick?”

“What? No? Huh?” Kip spluttered out.

The old wolf grinned. “You don’t have to lie to kick it, kid. No shame in your game if you do.”

“Well, I don’t.”

“Only had to say so once.” The old convict stretched out against the back wall and stuck his legs out. It drew attention to his physique—still solid, stocky, and with a healthy mound at the front of his pants. “Most important thing a man has in here, Top Shelf, is his word. No matter what happens. No matter where you go in the system, the one thing you’ll always have, even if you’re in your skivvies on shit watch in the hole, is your word. It’s worth more than gold or all the envelopes in the postal system.”

“But what if they send me to prison?” Kip whispered.

“Every day’s just another day,” the grey wolf shrugged again. “Just gotta take what’s in front of your muzzle.”

Kip looked in the wolf’s steely eyes, then down at the waist of his pants [...]

Again, these are now available for pre-order, and will ship out within the next two to three weeks.


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I admit, I was surprised at the PG rating of Gratitude and Gratiuity on the website, given the continuation of that passage. If I were a parent, my guidance might be "not until you're 16!"

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Fred has been noting a lot of "MATURE READERS" titles are being a bit overly cautious; I doubt he's the only one. This could be a reaction to that, or they're both part of the same problem; probably the individual ratings are coming down to one or two people with very different criteria.

I should has Fred "had" been, cause he's been awfully quiet recently, which makes me nervous.

EDIT: I just noticed he hadn't posted a Newsbyte last month, and was wondering if his most recent review had sat in the queue a while.

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I have five book reviews, a convention report, and an announcement currently in the queue waiting for publication. One of the book reviews notes that Rabbit Valley will not send anyone review copies, so unless the authors will themselves (which Alflor Aalto will), I will not review their books.

My lack of posting Newsbytes is due to a combination of getting a new computer in late April that is not registered to get the New York Times or Wired magazine online, plus being too busy editing a new Furry anthology (the announcement is about it; it's just gone to the printer to go on sale at Anthrocon) and writing a new weekly column for Jerry Beck's Cartoon Research ( to get around to registering for them. It's nice to be missed, though.

Fred Patten

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Oh, duh with the Cartoon Brew column.

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Cartoon Research, not Cartoon Brew. Jerry Beck is no longer associated with Cartoon Brew and is now active on his Cartoon Research and Animation Scoop websites.

Fred Patten

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Well I guess it's good that kids are learning why going to prison is a bad(?) thing at an early age I suppose...

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Love the cover art on "Pile", very striking.

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Beautiful art on the covers, I may have to pick them up just for that :)

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Have you recommended it on the ALAA's 2013 Recommended List, then?

Fred Patten

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