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WowNow - A whole bunch of animated films to avoid

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I had some friends over recently, both furry and dragon fans, to show them a retro and entertainingly stupid 1991 anime mini-movie called Capricorn. We poked holes and made fun of it. The following day, in a spirit of— amicable masochism I guess, my friend Dav treated me to the recent movie trailer for A Dragon Adventure:

Confused and somewhat alarmed by the quality levels, I started to look into where it came from.

I am well-aware that computer-animated films with talking animals are churned out all over the world, and most of them are of pretty terrible quality. The theory is that kids will watch anything. So if you believe that, then who cares about quality? Just work on a small budget and make money. What I hadn't done was to take a look down this particular rabbit hole. Now, having done so, I regret it.

August 2014 Newsbytes archive

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Contributors this month include bastett, crossaffliction, dronon, earthfurst, Fred, GreenReaper, InkyCrow, mwalimu and Patch Packrat.

Rabbit Valley reveals new digital items, Dragon's Hoard titles

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2 the Ranting Gryphon: Just Who I AmRabbit Valley Comics has expanded its digital product offering to include short stories by Graveyard Greg, digital versions of 2 The Ranting Gryphon's stand up comedy videos, as well as audio collections by JackRabbit and 2.

Rabbit Valley launched the digital items store this February, with novels by Alflor Aalto and Wolf and a host of comic books, including Spooo Presents titles, Circles, Fast Boyz Delivery Service, and The Royal Tale.

Two new Dragon's Hoard titles are also available: NomNoms #2 and Runt #2, featuring art from Dark Natasha, Enderis, Jace, NecroDrone, SalerthS, Sidian, and Skulldog.

Furry retailers deploy deals for 'Cyber Monday'

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Looking to stock up on presents for the holidays? Several furry retailers are participating in 'Cyber Monday', including Rabbit Valley (15% off $100 or more, in-stock only, to Dec. 1, code 'Cyber2011'), FurPlanet (15% off everything, 'FOXES') and FetishZone (NSFW; up to 50% off).

Bad Dragon had (NSFW) 40% off black, medium-firm toys for Black Friday, but sold out; a 10% global discount remains in effect for the next ten hours. [scottbob3/reddit]

Rabbit Valley announces RSS/XML feeds and new website integration stuff

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Rabbit Valley Comics and its crack team of programming coyotes have put together several new features to its website.

RSS/XML Feeds: Add the top 10 best selling furry items for the last 14 days or the contents of any store directory to your LiveJournal, Netscape/Mozilla tool bar, page, or more. You can also check out for the top 10 items page too.

Sales Integration: Add your very own smaller version of the Rabbit Valley store to any website. Great for artists who want to sell their own work but don't want the hassle of, well, doing anything other than getting a check.

Wishlist Integration: Create a list of items you would like to buy in the future or receive as gifts. Then, share the list with friends or include it on your web page.

Read more for extra information and more links.

Rabbit Valley Artists Cooperative Association printing services

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Rabbit Valley has now opened up its printing services to all artists. Artists do not need to sell prints through Rabbit Valley to take advantage of these services now. You can get artwork printed up to 44 inches (1.1 meters) wide for life size prints of your characters. Read for more info...

Second Ed Catalog Available

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Ed Zolna, longtime furry mail-order retailer, is back in the business with Second Ed. Check out his website for more information, or send off for a free paper catalog by writing to: SECOND ED, P.O. Box 2844 Windermere, FL 34786-2844 or e-mailing

Furries and Nigerian 419 Scams

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By now, everyone in the world must have received one of those annoying, poorly written emails from a "high ranking official" or a "business associate" somewhere in Nigeria. We now have discovered that said Nigerians have a love for Gold Digger and Ninja High School t-shirts. Furries with a store, an auction, or a print sales web site should probably take heed and just not ship to Nigeria. Read more for the rather silly details and e-mails from Rabbit Valley Comics.

Ed Zolna Returns to the Mail Order Business

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Ed Zolna, former proprietor of Mailbox Books, has decided to get back into the furry publications mail order business. Mitch Marmel has been posting messages for him in, attatched below is his announcement for Second Ed.

Rabbit Valley Temporary Discontinuation of Prints

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The prints and portfolios pages on Rabbit Valley's website will be going dark on August 31st, but they'll be back. More info below.