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Bad Dragon

So how many animal genitalia based sex toys do you own?

Bad Dragon loses business license over failure to file

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Bad Dragon, the erotic toy company founded by Varka, Narse, Athus, and Raith, has had their business license revoked by the Arizona Corporation Commission.

The company failed to submit their annual business report, due last August 4. After the death of Athus in a vehicle accident, the report remained unfiled, and on November 7 was flagged as delinquent. As this went uncorrected, the license was formally revoked on January 11.

Update (Jan 21): The corporation has been reinstated as of January 19.

Furry retailers deploy deals for 'Cyber Monday'

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Looking to stock up on presents for the holidays? Several furry retailers are participating in 'Cyber Monday', including Rabbit Valley (15% off $100 or more, in-stock only, to Dec. 1, code 'Cyber2011'), FurPlanet (15% off everything, 'FOXES') and FetishZone (NSFW; up to 50% off).

Bad Dragon had (NSFW) 40% off black, medium-firm toys for Black Friday, but sold out; a 10% global discount remains in effect for the next ten hours. [scottbob3/reddit]

Athus Nadorian, designer for Bad Dragon, reported dead

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Brian Dyer, known in furry fandom as Athus Nadorian, was reportedly killed in a car accident.

Athus, 29, was an artist, and co-owner and lead designer for Bad Dragon, a company which specializes in toys of a sexual nature. He was mated to Narse.

Athus died on October 11. The vehicle he was a passenger in was believed to have failed to yield to oncoming traffic when making a turn, resulting in a collision with another car. In response to his death, Athus's friends and family have set up a memorial website.