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Ed Zolna Returns to the Mail Order Business

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Ed Zolna, former proprietor of Mailbox Books, has decided to get back into the furry publications mail order business. Mitch Marmel has been posting messages for him in, attatched below is his announcement for Second Ed. Date: Tue, 01 Jul 2003 22:21:50 -0400
From: infla
Subject: Second Ed.
To: "M. Mitchell Marmel"
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Hello again, Mitch:
Ed Zolna here. Just wanted you to know that it's a go. I'm back in the furry biz and the new business shall be called... Second Ed. I hope to have a Catalog together by the end of the month. Anyone who wants one can have one for the asking, same as always. My snail mail is Ez Zolna P.O. Box 110 Windermere, FL 34786-0110. Lots of people have E-mailed and it's been very heartening. I'm glad they remember me. Heck, I've even heard from some fans who never met me or used Mailbox Books but they recognized the name and sent along best wishes. Like I said, very heartening. I can use all the moral support I can get.
I will eventually have some sort of web site. Meanwhile, besides the paper Catalog I'll be E-mailing Updates regularly to anyone who wants to receive them. Wowzers, is that 21st Century or what?!
Again, have a happy AnthroCon!
Best, Ed Z.


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