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August 2014 Newsbytes archive

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Contributors this month include bastett, crossaffliction, dronon, earthfurst, Fred, GreenReaper, InkyCrow, mwalimu and Patch Packrat.

Fred: Men hired to impersonate monkeys.

mwalimu: New video, Megan Lane’s “Someday We Will Leave this Town”, features fursuiters.

GreenReaper: Slow news day: LA police catch runaway tortoise.

crossaffliction: Mr. Plinkett reviews Sonic the Hedgehog! Sorta.

Fred: The central Asian wild Pallas' cat.

Fred: Seagulls have invaded Rome and eat the Pope's doves.

Patch Packrat: News of the week: Furries and rare books (8-6-14).

Fred: 31st century birds.

crossaffliction: And here I thought Yoshi’s name was, you know, Yoshi.

crossaffliction: Flayrah contributor (former, apparently) Higgs Raccoon is now a theatrically released director. [ajtexasranger/Reddit]

Fred:A day in the life of NYC's hospital for wild birds.”

GreenReaper: Wikipedia claims macaque owns selfie copyright, refusing camera-owner's removal request.

GreenReaper: Correction: Wikipedians claim macaque owns selfie copyright, refusing camera-owner's removal request.

Fred: Golden Bat, Japanese TV animated superhero, 1967-68. Real golden bat discovered in Bolivia, 2014.

GreenReaper: In fact, Wikimedia's position is that the image is in the public domain as non-humans cannot own copyright.

Patch Packrat: I love Finsterworld. This tragicomic movie with a fursuiter is a treat for smart watchers.

Patch Packrat: An Oscar for fursuiting? Finsterworld may be Germany’s movie entry.

Patch Packrat: One day... The San Francisco Furry Film Festival.

Fred: Invite a giraffe to breakfast in Nairobi.

Fred: One parrotfish poops 800 pounds of white sand a year.

Fred:How to use your cat to hack your neighbor's Wi-Fi.”

Fred: Finnish moomin fursuiters.

InkyCrow: Watership Down is now available for purchase via iTunes from the Criterion Collection. Upgraded DVD/Blu-Ray presumably to follow.

Fred: Death of 155-year-old eel provokes laughter.

Patch Packrat: Fursuiting movie confirmed for oscar nomination – SF Furry Film Fest news.

Fred: Where wearing fantastic costumes, including anthro animal-people, is part of everyday religion.

Patch Packrat: Update on Dawgtown, 2D animated feature film in production.

crossaffliction: IGN counts down the TMNT movies. I’d switch the bottom two.

GreenReaper: NBC dives deep at Anthrocon with six minutes of video. (Fact check: There's now over 50 furry conventions.)

crossaffliction: If someone knows where Ed Zolna of Second Ed Books is, please let us know. Some of his friends are starting to worry.

Fred: I'm a lumberjack, and I'm afraid of gumberoos.

Fred: Pet American snapping turtles escape in Japan; menace children, farmers, native wildlife.

Fred: Kenya: don't get baboons drunk!

Fred: China: After the giant rubber duck, the giant rubber toad.

Patch Packrat: “Hugs are the handshake of furries” – Artists explore cultural meaning of touch.

Fred: An ice-cream social for dogs with meat toppings.

bastett: [adjective][species] has developed a visualization showing furry species popularity by sex, gender and sexual oriantation.

Fred: Now a giant rubber turtle, in Sydney harbour.

Fred: Magpies may have a bum rap.

Patch Packrat: Is this the year furries gain respect?

Fred: Dog walkers earn $96,000 per year.

Fred: A new "abandoned puppy" story.

Fred: Where people are encouraged to hunt possums.

Patch Packrat: Flock of furries in photo book – News of the week (8-21-14).

Fred:Cities are making spiders grow larger and multiply faster.

Fred:Tokyo's flourishing animal cafés” - first cats, now raptors and rabbits.

Fred: The sparrow-sized "bird that builds nests so large that they pull down trees".

Fred: Gibraltar evicts Barbary macaques.

Fred: Solo, vol. 1, The Survivors of Chaos, by Oscar Martin, looks interesting.

Patch Packrat: A once-a-decade publishing event: Mordrude’s Monster Manual, for fursuit builders.

dronon: Short game trailer for Ghost of a Tale, under development.

Fred: Four rare white lions born in German circus.

24 Aug 2014 - 03:35 earthfurst: Kickstarter ends Aug. 28 for Squarriors comic, about animals on brink of war. KS started July28 and $13,730 pledged.

Patch Packrat: The most furry place in the universe? San Francisco’s Frolic party – interview with Neonbunny.

Fred:: Blue bees are pretty, but they steal from other bees.

GreenReaper: Fursuiters less scary than unattended packages, says U.S. Department of Homeland Security. [Rapid T. Rabbit]

Fred: I think we've just been dissed.

Fred: Brain manipulation in mice.

Fred:Quest to save the world's rarest duck”.

GreenReaper: Creator insists Hello Kitty 'not a cat', but a British school kid.

GreenReaper: Anthropomorphic platformer Dust: An Elysian Tail is back on sale, this time for $3.

Patch Packrat: Usagi Yojimbo gets a successful pitch for a feature film.

Patch Packrat: The news is full of fursuiters and animation: Furry news dump (8-31-14).


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James Hardiman, creator of furry art sensation Skunkworks, died Aug 31.

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Er, 29th. Sorry.

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