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Rabbit Valley announces RSS/XML feeds and new website integration stuff

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Rabbit Valley Comics and its crack team of programming coyotes have put together several new features to its website.

RSS/XML Feeds: Add the top 10 best selling furry items for the last 14 days or the contents of any store directory to your LiveJournal, Netscape/Mozilla tool bar, page, or more. You can also check out for the top 10 items page too.

Sales Integration: Add your very own smaller version of the Rabbit Valley store to any website. Great for artists who want to sell their own work but don't want the hassle of, well, doing anything other than getting a check.

Wishlist Integration: Create a list of items you would like to buy in the future or receive as gifts. Then, share the list with friends or include it on your web page.

Read more for extra information and more links.RSS / XML Feeds: Keep track of new items being added weekly to the site, or keep track of your favorite comics and artists. RSS feeds can be used in instant messaging programs, web browsers, blogs like LiveJournal, sites running PHP-Nuke, and websites like There are two different feeds available right now.

Top Ten Selling Items: This feed provides the top 10 items sold in the last 14 days from the Rabbit Valley website. The feed is located at

Department Listing for any RV directory: This RSS feed will send any full directory listing. Replace the "department number" with the department number found on our website. For example, is the feed for the Circles comic book series. You can also click the link on the bottom of any directory for information on how to add an RSS feed and get custom code premade for cut and paste on your site.

Integrating Rabbit Valley directories on your website: You can put any directory on our website in three different formats on your website by adding a few lines of code. This is very useful for artists who are selling their prints through Rabbit Valley and want to create a professional store setup on their own website. The directory is fully integrated on your site with a few lines of code. Either visit the help pages for more information, or click the link at the bottom of any Rabbit Valley directory of products to receive customized HTML code to include the directory on your website.

Set up and share a Rabbit Valley Wishlist: You will need an account at Rabbit Valley to use this feature. Click the "My Account" link on any Rabbit Valley page to create a free account. After you log in, you can add any item in the store to your wish list. You can add a password to your wish list to keep it private, or you can share it with your friends. You can either use a direct URL to the Rabbit Valley site, or you can include your wish list on your own website with a few lines of code. Log into Rabbit Valley and click "View My Wishlist" for a full set of instructions.


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Andrew Rabbitt is the other co-owner of Rabbit Valley Comics. He took the name Rabbitt when he was wed to Sean in July of 2004 as a sign of his undying love – not as some weird furry dream-come-true. Andrew (who prefers to be called Andy by his friends) has been involved in the furry fandom for many years, and has been assisting Sean with Rabbit Valley since 1999. If you have placed an order through the Rabbit Valley website chances are he picked, packed, and shipped it to you. Outside of the fandom Andy enjoys cooking, surfing the web, and doing the various projects that come with home ownership. Seeing as Andrew and Sean purchased a house needing some tender love and care there is no shortage of projects.