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Animation preview: 'Chicken Core: The Rise of Kings'

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We are not men! We are chickens!!!

The Cartoon Brew website presents “Chicken Core: The Rise of Kings”, a 6’02" preview for an epic fantasy directed by Oricha Aliyu, about an oppressed kingdom of chickens (apparently all male) fighting against a dark crow overlord.

Not too impressive, until you consider that it has been made by a group of young self-taught animators in Lagos, Nigeria who formed the Sporedust Media studio just this May. With commentary on Nigeria’s nascent by-its-bootstraps animation industry by CB’s Amid Amidi.

Battle Chickens!

Thanks to the folks over at Cartoon Brew, we now know about Chicken Core: The Rise of Kings — one of the first animated short films ever completely produced in the country of Nigeria. Here’s the description from YouTube: “Chicken Core is a Nigerian animated feature which follows the adventures of a group of chicken warriors in their quest to rid the land of Amaji from the clutches of the tyrannous Boar King and his minions.” Got that? It’s directed by Oricha Aliyu and produced by Sporedust Media.  Animation in Nigeria is really starting from the ground up, as all the people who work for Sporedust are self-taught. Check out what they’ve created — and be on the lookout for what they do next.

image c. 2012 Sporedust Media

Furries and Nigerian 419 Scams

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By now, everyone in the world must have received one of those annoying, poorly written emails from a "high ranking official" or a "business associate" somewhere in Nigeria. We now have discovered that said Nigerians have a love for Gold Digger and Ninja High School t-shirts. Furries with a store, an auction, or a print sales web site should probably take heed and just not ship to Nigeria. Read more for the rather silly details and e-mails from Rabbit Valley Comics.