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Upcoming furry comics for January 2011 (Previews only)

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I let a Thanksgiving vacation mess up my posting so badly that this is about a month too late to be useful for preordering. However, for historical purposes, here it is. At the very least, this is the month of the first Finder supercollection. Attention must be paid.

Rabbit Valley: ASB Calendar and Genus Male #3

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Rabbit Valley (R) Comics has released the new 13 month 2004 Associated Student Bodies calendar featuring artwork by Chris McKinley and Werepuppy. This exclusive calender also includes a special limited edition print that will not be included in the portfolios.

Also, Radio Comix annual Genus Male #3 is now in stock and ready for shipment. This extremely popular title comes annually and includes brand new work by Max Blackrabbit, Fel and Van, as well as previous contributors Daria McGrain and John Barrett.