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Upcoming furry comics for January 2011 (Previews only)

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I let a Thanksgiving vacation mess up my posting so badly that this is about a month too late to be useful for preordering. However, for historical purposes, here it is. At the very least, this is the month of the first Finder supercollection. Attention must be paid.

NOV10 0042 The Finder Library vol. 1 sc, 616 pg, b&w, 6"x9" $24.99
by Carla Speed McNeil
I can only repeat what I said in October: 'This is the best SF comic ever (what CSM calls 'anthropology of the future') and you should ... buy the two-volume collection of all the backstory, originally in six self-published trade paperbacks, as soon as it comes out.' Well, here's half of it. SIX HUNDRED AND SIXTEEN PAGES of the best, for four cents a page! This is the best deal of the year. And it includes the King of the Cats arc, the most anthropomorphic-laden of them all. Even more highestlier recommended than last month's Vision. Buy buy read read.

PAGE 108
NOV100251 Looney Tunes #194 32pg, color $2.99
NOV100252 Scooby-Doo, Where Are You? #5 32pg, color $2.99
The descriptions of these in the catalog I have are the same as those for last month. What is the truth? Only our alien space bat masters know.

PAGES 177, 189
NOV100423 Elephantmen: War Toys, vol. 2: Enemy Species sc, 104pg, color $9.99
by Richard Starkings and Boo Cook
'All-new original graphic novel! In this sequel to the sold out War Toys, vol. 1: No Surrender ... Yvette is alive, and artist Boo Cook (Judge Dredd, X-Factor) pits her against a new foe... with Hip Flask, Ebony Hide and Obadiah Horn caught in the Middle!' May not be suitable for all ages.

NOV100464 Mice Templar vol. 3 #2 32pg, color $3.99
NOV100465 ditto
by Bryan J. L. Glass & Michael Avon Oeming & Victor Santos
Covers by Oeming and Santos/Gandini, respectively. Is this going to be a thing? Ronan declares the hero Karic's fate, Cassius risks all, Maeven archers stand against rat assassins, events grow direr at the capital city, i yi yi.

PAGE 216
NOV100696 Gold Digger #125 32pg, color $2.99
by Fred Perry
'T'Mat, the queen of dragons, learns that Dreadwing, her mortal enemy from eons long past, is still alive and grown more terrifyingly powerful than ever.' And assorted powerful enemies are looking to attack him, which is just what he wants. Yes, this is the only GD item this month.

PAGE 220
NOV100717 Fraggle Rock #2.3 (of 3) 22pg, color $3.95
by mobs
Fraggling continues.

PAGE 227
NOV100736 Sonic the Hedgehog #221 32pg, color $2.99
by Ian Flynn and Ben Bates, James Fry, and Terry Austin
Mina and her band; fallout from the Iron Dominion invasion.

NOV100737 Sonic Universe #24 32pg, color $2.99
by Ian Flynn and Tracy Yardley & Jim Amash
'Four teams vie for the precious Sol Emerald! Will Team Rose help Blaze save her world? Will Team Dark beat them into submission? Will Nack's "Team Hooligan" cash it in, or will the Babylon Rogues beat them to it?' My money is on Team Rocket.

NOV100738 Sonic the Hedgehog Select vol. 3 TP sc, 128pg, color $11.95
by Michael Gallagher and Ian Flynn & various interchangeable artists
'The highly acclaimed Sonic Select series of graphic novels returns with a vengeance! Inside you'll find three epic tales' which seem to be reprints of unspecified provenance.

PAGES 242-244
No Langridge. Pfui. A notably reduced batch of other comics, much lower on the gimmicks: Cars vol. 5: Rust Bucket Derby, Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers #2, Darkwing Duck #8 (conclusion of Crisis on Infinite Darkwings), Darkwing Duck #5 Long Beach Comic Con Get a Sketch Variant Cover, Donald Duck and Friends #362, Mickey Mouse & Friends #304 (40 pages, celebrating 70 years of Walt Disney's comics, including notable reprints from 1932 and 1944), Uncle Scrooge #399, and Walt Disney's Comics & Stories #715 (another 40-pager with purportedly superior reprints).

PAGE 272
NOV100949 Missile Mouse vol. 2: Rescue on Tankium3 sc, 6"x9", 160pg, color $10.99
by Jake Parker
'Missile Mouse is back in action for an amazing new adventure! The daring agent Missile Mouse must help free a planet forced into slavery by evil King Bognarsh.' Grades 3-6 but I'm listing it anyway.

PAGE 274
NOV100955 Cocktails vol. 3: Winter Special 2009 sc, 80pg, b&w $15.95
Furry male porn, emphasis horses, from what I think is the top furry porn publisher. Peritian, Blotch, Wolfy-Nail, Kamicheetah, Onta, and Gideon, if that tells you anything. ADULT MATERIAL

PAGE 277
NOV100982 Omaha the Cat Dancer vols.1-7 set sc's, 816 pg, b&w $75.00
'ADULT MATERIAL' of the finest kind. Recommended.

PAGE 278
NOV100984 Geronimo Stilton vol. 7: Dinosaurs in Action hc, 56pg, color $9.99
by 'Geronimo Stilton'
'The Pirate Cats have had their plans foiled by Geronimo Stilton time and time again, due to the help from Geronimo's friend Professor Volt. The Pirate Cats decide to better their odds by getting rid of Professor Volt, kidnapping him and leaving him in the Cretaceous Period, a time when the earth was occupied by dinosaurs!' Doesn't look like a series worth following here, but I'll mention it this once.

PAGE 286
NOV101004 Genus #93 48pg, b&w $9.99
Furry porn by ReDaDillio, Shon Howell, Brian Sutton, Poinko, DAQ, and others.

PAGE 291
There's a comic about adorable Skelanimals but I can't bear to say more.

PAGE 306
NOV101100 Laon vol. 4 sc, 176pg, b&w $10.99
by YoungBin Kim and Hyun You
'Laon is a nine-tailed fox who's been a bit too mischievous in heaven. The consequence for his behavior? His ears and tails -- which hold the key to his supernatural abilities -- are removed, and he's banished to Earth! Now with the help of a reporter, Laon is on a mission to track down his missing appendages.'


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