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Rabbit Valley Back On-Line

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Ack. After Verizon knocked out the DSL service for Rabbit Valley Comics, they finally restored it on Monday. It's back up and running and ready for preorders on Circles #4.


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It is suggested that Rabbit Valley move away from Verizon. This is due to reports off of of a servere lack of concern over spammers on their network, even though they have resecured their email servers. Some netspace of Verizon's is also blacklisted due to the spammers too.

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Easier said than done, really. Living in the same state as Rabbit Valley, I can tell you that Verizon is pretty much the only game in town when it comes to DSL service. As for Comcast cable service, it's not available in all areas of Massachusetts. So high-speed internet service is still pretty much in a stranglehold here.

I have Verizon DSL service, but my e-mail is handled by the same people who host my website ( -- so I'm lucky in that sense.

- PunkTiger!

- PunkTiger!

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"lack of concern over spammers"
i love how you make it sound like a crime against humanity

spams here to stay, why do people make such a big goddamn stink about it , most of it comes from offshore guess what?
that means you lose

try: select all, delete,
or select all, unselect the whole 2 messages u wanna keep and delete the shit
it works

nothing to lose sleep over

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Rabbit Valley does not run on a Verizon DSL line. The telephone line which runs to the store, however, is serviced by Verizon. It could very easily have been knocked offline by a deranged squirrel with a hatchet, had the squirrel had both the gumption and the opposable thumbs required to operate the hatchet.

I really need a vacation. :)

Rabbit Valley Customer Service

Rabbit Valley Comics
5130 S Fort Apache
STE 215 PMB 172
Las Vegas, Nevada 89148

Phone: 702-291-8286 (Orders 11:00 AM - 5:00 PM EST)

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