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Which furry art/story community improved the most over 2014?

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Fur Affinity
18% (17 votes)
24% (22 votes)
16% (15 votes)
4% (4 votes)
37% (34 votes)
Votes: 92


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One and a half years was too long for one poll so here's a new one. Which site improved the most over 2014? That doesn't necessarily mean which site is the best but which one improved the most. Ideally after voting you should justify your answer.

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Hey, sorry Rakuen; this is a much better poll then the other one, or I would've put it up first (Green Reaper caught it).

I just read the title and thought you'd written an opinion piece and I wasn't quite ready for that (I mean, I'd just edited a Diamond Man piece).

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I'm incredibly biased, since I run it; but Inkbunny improved search indexing, search performance and security, cut disk/CPU usage, and reduced database size - among a bunch of other stuff. I believe this is part of why we grew 20-30% this year.

We also raised over $10000 in December for three years of hosting and a secondary server, although that's more for 2015.

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The Furry Writers' Guild was essentially non-functional when I joined. It is not an especially large collective, but it is now thriving. So, I would have voted for it had it been an option.

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I would agree the Guild has improved over the last year, particularly in its visibility. The former president has much to be thanked for that, and the current one seems to be continuing the push forward which is good.

I don't use the main community sites enough to indicate improvement. I haven't noticed anything too new or revolutionary.

But those who are closest to something are more likely to notice smaller or back end changes then the average user.

As far as Flayrah goes, I'm starting to notice some noticeable stagnation. I mean, we even had a time when the "new comments" section was completely empty because the time between the last comment and the max date for 'recent' was beyond that. The first time I've seen that happen since being a member on the site.

Hopefully that was because of a holiday funk and not a widening trend. I know as far as contributing myself I've been lacking. In misfortune fortune the human world has discovered my talent, of which my employer is glad to exploit for 50+ hours a week. Which isn't an excuse to procrastinate, but I'll take it anyway.

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