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Scaly, feathery alternative limbs leap the uncanny valley into the future of prosthetic design

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Prosthetic snake armThe mention of an amputee flaunting a showy, bird-plumaged prosthetic arm should make the Furry connection clear, in this story about the work of the Alternative Limb Project (ALP) and it's director, Sophie de Oliveira Barata.

De Oliveira Barata is "challenging the belief that prosthetic limbs should aim to look as realistic as possible." Her career started in special effects for film and TV, before she moved to work with a realistic prosthetics company for eight years. In her opinion:

The dominant thinking is that a new limb should be as close a match to the previous limb as possible. But until technology gets to the point where you can have a realistic looking limb in movement and aesthetics, there will always be this uncanny middle ground. Having an alternative limb embraces difference and can help create a sense of ownership and empowerment.

The new option for limbs include crystal, stereo speakers, lighting, and simulated internal anatomy to tranform disability-concealers into creative, eye-catching fashion. What's next, hooves and paws?

Fashion: Minnie too skinny? She's not alone.

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The Cartoon Brew website has been covering the partnering of Barneys New York, a luxury haute couture shop, with the Disney organization to feature some classic Disney characters wearing exclusive Paris fashion styles, as part of Barneys’ Electric Holiday campaign, debuting at Barneys’ Madison Avenue store on November 14.

Women’s Wear Daily reported on August 29,

When unveiled to the public on Nov. 14, Barneys’ Madison Avenue flagship will feature a three-dimensional electric light show; a moving art short film in the window displays that will turn Disney’s most favorite heroes into runway supermodels and fashion regulars into Disney types, and an original score by Oscar-winning composer Michael Giacchino. […] The theme is a riff on Disney’s famous electrical parade, as well as the special lighting installations so central to the New York holiday season and the flashbulbs of fashion runways. […] The short film centers around Minnie Mouse’s fantasy to be at the Paris shows. There she comes across key Disney characters — Mickey Mouse, Goofy, Daisy Duck, Cruella de Vil, Princess Tiana and Snow White — all decked out in unique designer clothes as they make their way down the runway.

The announcement was also covered by the Los Angeles Times, Retailing Daily, Fashion Weekly, and others.

But the Cartoon Brew has the exclusive on the controversy that this is causing. The online is soliciting signatures for a petition to “leave Minnie Mouse alone”.

Girls mag finds a place for furries

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Page two of the Sugar article

Pages three and four

It would appear that the furry fandom is the "in thing" this season, as typical teenage girls mag Sugar gives us a whole four pages of coverage. The shocking bit? It's actually... good!

I'll keep this short (it's probably best for the article to speak for itself), but it's actually a well composed piece of literature. Sure there's the odd factual error (WikiFur is not part of the Wikimedia Foundation), but the whole thing is really quite honest, based almost entirely off interviews with real furries.

The best part? The word "sex" isn't mentioned in the entire article. Who'da thought we'd see the day?

LondonFurs gets much needed makeover

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The new LondonFurs brand, designed and launched with a new website and clothing range

Everything’s going down in the capital this month, as the LondonFurs launched their new website and logo.

The previous one, horrendously out of date and incomplete, has now been replaced by a smooth clear design – as well as the awesome new LondonFurs Store, home to all manner of LondonFurs branded apparel.

A similar notion was followed at the Chester furmeet in July, where every attendee was given a free Chester Furmeet t-shirt. Let’s hope other regional furmeets follow this lead, because some of them could really use it (ehehehe!)