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Girls mag finds a place for furries

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Page two of the Sugar article

Pages three and four

It would appear that the furry fandom is the "in thing" this season, as typical teenage girls mag Sugar gives us a whole four pages of coverage. The shocking bit? It's actually... good!

I'll keep this short (it's probably best for the article to speak for itself), but it's actually a well composed piece of literature. Sure there's the odd factual error (WikiFur is not part of the Wikimedia Foundation), but the whole thing is really quite honest, based almost entirely off interviews with real furries.

The best part? The word "sex" isn't mentioned in the entire article. Who'da thought we'd see the day?


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This could go one of two ways. Either, it shows us in a much better light, and we're all happy, OR, it makes teenage girls think that Furcons are a great holiday for the whole family and we end up with parents chaperoning their kids to cons, and saying "I don't really approve of this" during parades and dances.

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I'll get my sister to pick me up a copy for analysis!

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