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ArtWorkTee's T-Shirt Campaign and the Selling of Identity

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34,000.jpgArtWorkTee has been quite busy this year when it comes to their charity drives and other Kickstarter campaigns. At this time they are working on their third KickStarter for the year. The first was a calendar drive where fursuiters were pictured for each month. These calendars were sold with proceeds going to a shelter for young horses called Last Chance Corral, which was covered by Flayrah. The second was not covered by Flayrah and was a for helping a feline shelter, Flatbush Cats.

Using charitibility is always a good way to achieve positive marketing and brand recognition, particularly in the furry fandom. In fact, it was a suggestion I had made in regards to the failed ‘designer fursuit’ experiment Zweitesich that if they made those custom designer fursuits a few thousand dollars more expensive and donated those thousands of dollars toward a charity it would have made the fursuit a badge of honor instead of one of purely being a gloating of wealth, which tends to be seen as reprehensible in the fandom.

Now that ArtWorkTee had done these charity kickstarts, the third appears to be using a month drive as an opportunity to introduce a new line of T-Shirts from them. This time it looks like there is no organization that is being supported. Instead, ArtWorkTee is using the same marketing strategy in order to introduce a line of pride shirts based on promotion of individual sexual and gender expression. It mixes a furry character brought to life by LuhBraz Art, mixing the characters with the particular representative flag's color schemes.

There are only a few days left to secure a t-shirt from this initial printing. But they will be available for sale after the campaign at their website and at Midwest Furfest's Dealer's den this year. So what is the incentive for doing this Kickstarter Campaign? It seems mostly to gauge interest, and they will expand their line based on this interest. That's what we will be going over in this article.

I’ve Seen That Shirt on TV!

Yes you have. Leonard (played by Johnny Galecki) on Big Bang Theory is known for wearing t-shirts designed and created by Nite Owl Ink. And here’s the cool part: They’re a real company and they sell to the public too. T-shirts, hoodies, and poster prints… creepy animals and creepy other things… and pandas. Lots of pandas. All brought to you by the artist known as Willie Wat. Head on over to their web page to see what we’re talking about. See you on CBS!

image c. 2015 Nite Owl Ink

image c. 2015 Nite Owl Ink

Soft, Super-Cute, and Wearable are an outfit (pun intended) that specialize in t-shirt designs featuring animals and familiar cartoon characters of a particularly “chibi” variety. “Teeturtle was founded in 2012 by designer RamyB to scratch your insatiable itch for cute, funny, popculture-y shirts.  Since then, we have made it our goal to provide the best possible experience for you… Here at TeeTurtle, our shirts are our pride and joy.  That’s why we use only the softest shirts on the market.  We know that you will fall in love as soon as you slip into one of our ultra comfy tees.  Plus, with killer designs from both our in house artists and some of the best guest designers on the internet, what more could you want?” They said it.

image c. 2015

image c. 2015


What Up, Dogs?

Richie Wu is an artist who spent six years working in the gaming industry, as well as teaching illustration on the side. He’s worked on feature films like Toy Story 3 from Disney/Pixar, and TV series like Ben 10 Alienforce from Cartoon Network. Now he’s aiming his artistic talents at a new outlet: A line of illustrated t-shirts based on his original canine comic creations. Dogs like Garlic the chihuahua, Booze the bulldog, and Mocha the German shepherd, among several others. Visit his web site, Bad to the Bone, to see the latest in his growing set of designs. Currently residing in Las Vegas, Nevada, Mr. Wu also has a permanent display selling his t-shirts at the Galleria at Sunset Mall in nearby Henderson.

image c. 2015 by Richie Wu

image c. 2015 by Richie Wu

Put Some Fur On Your Chest

One of those interesting modern-world phenomena: Václav Štajger and Michaela Štajgerová, a furry fan couple from the Czech Republic, are seeking international funding for their new furry t-shirt enterprise. They’ve actually been at it for a while, with Václav running the business and Michaela’s artwork on the shirts, but now problems with their printing company have left them with two choices: Either raise their shirt prices considerably, or go into business printing the shirts themselves. They’ve opted for the latter — and they’ve set up a new Indiegogo campaign to raise money for it, from now through May 12th. True, the shirts would be coming from Europe, but in this day and age what’s unusual about that? Visit their Indiegogo page to see some of their initial designs and find out what sort of perks they’re offering to crowd funders.

image c. 2015

image c. 2015

Jungle Boy and His Friends

Jungle Boy Productions describe themselves as ”concept development company specializing in character design & franchise development”. To that end they have created a series of t-shirts, art prints, and other tie-in items, all based around original chibi character designs — several of which are furry. Check them out at their Facebook page [scroll down] to see the latest designs they’re working on, or how to get your paws on what they’ve done so far.

image c. 2013 Jungle Boy Productions

Demand for Anthrocon "City Shirt" shows love for Furries… and their money

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Anthrocon city shirt logo"You must be the 17th person who asked today", said Tim at Hudson News in Pittsburgh International Airport. "There's not a shirt left in this airport."

This was a hunt for the "City Shirt", a special shirt made for the public as well as Furries, only for sale outside of Anthrocon by request from local merchants. Most wearers said they got it first thing on arrival, before it sold out. On the way out of the city, some held out hope to ask in case any were stashed away. One place had a shirt stashed under the counter, the last one from "boxes and boxes" of 30+ per size, but it was a tease, because it was reserved for an employee.

Siddy, a commenter on Anthrocon's post, reports:

When I picked up one of the shirts at the airport. The cashier never seen something sell so fast, she told me she had to restock the rack three times just that morning.

The Kingdom of Big Bunnies

It’s called Fat Rabbit Farm — and that explains it pretty well. “Fat Rabbit Farm is a magical, floating kingdom inhabited by spontaneous and adventurous friends, including a fluffy bunny who loves ice cream, a lone pirate bunny who sailed from beyond the skies, a quiet little turtle, and a bad tempered mushroom.” Created by Jason Ponggasam and Patty Variboa, two independent artists and designers, Fat Rabbit Farm is a showcase for their posters, t-shirts, original toys, and storybooks. Find it all at

image c. 2013 Fat Rabbit Farm

Arm the Animals

Arm the Animals is a group with a simple mission: “Create killer T-Shirts that make a statement and generate funds for small, struggling animal rescues.” To that end they offer a full line of t-shirts, hats, posters, and fashion accessories, all illustrated with an eye for AAA — that stands for animals, artistry, and attitude! Check out their web site to find their latest designs, which they are constantly adding to. They also make the rounds at several comic book conventions and pet shows as well. Their front page includes profiles of several of the animal rescue organizations they are currently helping to fund.

image c. 2013 Arm the Animals

Rock ‘n’ Roll Cats — And Their Friends

Furry Feline Creatives (cool name!) is the creation of Cheri Ong and Alvin Ong. Part-time musicians themselves, the Ongs have started an on-line store for their original posters, plushies, and 3D works of rock ‘n’ roll cats and other cartoony animal characters. They even do custom illustrated shoes! Check out their web site at

image c. 2013 Furry Feline Creatives

Inkbunny starts v2.0, T-shirt contest to celebrate 3rd year

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Lunicent's Inkbunny t-shirt contest entryInkbunny is celebrating three years online by announcing a major redevelopment project – and a T-shirt contest.

We want to move to an open source model to get the community involved in extending the capabilities of the site, and so that anyone can easily create their own art/social site.

To do this we are creating the new site engine from the ground up. It will have all the features that people like from Inkbunny v1.0, but will use an established web framework, will have a new and improved interface and will launch with a bunch of new features we've always wanted to see added to the site.

The site, which saw its 300,000th submission this week, was launched in June 2010 after three months of closed testing. Since then, Inkbunny has added various features, including user-suggested keywords, but development has come in bursts due to time constraints.

August 2011 Newsbytes archive

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For historical purposes, a collection of links and other tidbits posted to Newsbytes in August.

Oklacon T-shirt entries are in!!!

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Well.. it's time to vote on this years Oklacon T-shirt image. The images are posted in the "photos" folder of the "oklacon_talk" yahoo group, and there's a poll created for you to vote on your favorite image.

May the best fur win!

-Your oklacon 2k5 staff

Oklacon T-shirt contest!

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T-Shirt Contest
Calling all artists! Oklacon is asking for art and design submission for its 2005 t-shirt contest. The theme for this years con is

Inner Animal

Keep in mind that the artwork you submit for the t-shirt must somehow relate to our theme. Good luck!

Mephit FurMeet - Server Down and Change to T-Shirt Contest Deadline.

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Our webserver died suddenly sometime on Friday. As such, the MFM webpage, mailing lists, and email accounts for the staff are currently unavailable. Since this is impacting the upcoming deadline for the T-Shirt Contest, we're announcing....

Been struggling with your T-Shirt Entry? Been working your pencils to nubs as we approach the deadline on the 10th?

Well, I have some good news, folks...