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Demand for Anthrocon "City Shirt" shows love for Furries… and their money

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Anthrocon city shirt logo"You must be the 17th person who asked today", said Tim at Hudson News in Pittsburgh International Airport. "There's not a shirt left in this airport."

This was a hunt for the "City Shirt", a special shirt made for the public as well as Furries, only for sale outside of Anthrocon by request from local merchants. Most wearers said they got it first thing on arrival, before it sold out. On the way out of the city, some held out hope to ask in case any were stashed away. One place had a shirt stashed under the counter, the last one from "boxes and boxes" of 30+ per size, but it was a tease, because it was reserved for an employee.

Siddy, a commenter on Anthrocon's post, reports:

When I picked up one of the shirts at the airport. The cashier never seen something sell so fast, she told me she had to restock the rack three times just that morning.

"We sold out on Sunday", said Tim at Hudson News.

My manager didn't want them hanging around, because he didn't know if people would know what it was, so he made them 50% off. That was a big mistake, because everyone stays overnight to party and goes home on Monday. One of my co-workers bought dozens to hoard for Ebay. That's not fair, because he doesn't know what a Furry is. He's just profiting off the misery of others.

They showed a special kind of Furry appreciation, many people agreed. "No other city does this". (Read more about Pittsburgh's reaction to Furries here.)

If you missed the shirt too, another commenter on Anthrocon's post (Ron Baurle) says:

Per Uncle Kage at the charity auction when the last one was sold, more will be made next year.


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No sign of them yet on Ebay... yeah, I've been checking, in case one comes up at a fairish price :)

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At this point, I'd suggest waiting until next year - that is, if you can go at all.

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And if you can't go, get a friend who is to nab you one

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I got the SAME story from the SAME guy. I am actually the one who explained to him that everyone flies out Monday. I flew in late on July 4, after all the shops in the airport closed. I was pretty pissed about the whole thing, but there's always next year I guess...

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First the guy in the airport, then the lady in the shuttle... it's almost eerie what a small world furries have :3 look me up on FA, maybe we can say hi and get drinks next con!

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I wouldn't wear one.

I mean, black? In SUMMER?? I don't want to cook myself.

Well, I'll be...

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But black is the new black! Besides, furries are used to suffering for style.

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Nuts! I forgot to get one. I didn't buy a single T-shirt this year. I must be slipping!

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