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Chaotic Good Furry Trolling - From Human Resources to Airplane Undercarriages

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November has been a bit strange as people prepare for the first Midwest Furfest since the closure due to the COVID pandemic. However, in spite of the anxieties, there have been some interesting stories of good natured ribbing that have escaped furry orbit into the mainstream world.

Today we go over two of these events that happened this month from a Human Resource debacle and a fuselage scribble.

Human Resource Recycling

In this time of the so-called Great Resignation, there are some folks that find themselves subject to a good old fashioned firing. A furry by the name of Firr found himself in such a situation.

After Firr was fired they got a recruiter involved to look for interview opportunities. The recruiter was able to line up an interview with the employer that had just fired them, unbeknownst to his prior bosses. He accepted and was able to spend a few hours in the interview process, disguised with a mustache and acquiring a stockpile of snacks from the hiring manager, before he was found out.

The story of these shenanigans have reached beyond the furry social space. A YouTube channel run by a professional recruiter went over this awkward situation that happened.

It doesn’t seem Firr was able to reacquire his old job, but it sounds like he has found better luck elsewhere since then.

Fly away in my A-OwO-plane

Multiple photos were being shared around social media of fuselages within aircraft with graffiti that has left many in the aviation circles asking “What’s this?”

This post shows a photo of two instances of the iconic furry meme of “OwO” embroidered near the fuel hatches on two distinct aircraft. Other commenters claiming to work in aviation have denoted that they have seen these on hundreds of planes.

It is unclear what this may signify, are airplanes developing fursonas? And why near the fuel doors. Perhaps it is to highlight how aircraft, like furries, are notorious to the outside world for being a bit too thirsty?

Only time will tell.


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Thank you. I was feeling some stress and needed a good laugh.

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The kicker is that he didn't even finish the thread. There were more replies, the YouTuber just didn't click the replies button.

For reference, shows are likely to be trade shows - in software (and indeed hardware) it's usual to go out to a topic-relevant show like Microsoft Build, E3 or similar, either to show off stuff, learn new things and/or do competitive research.

For anyone else I might suspect the whole thread was BS, but having seen Firr do five cons in six weeks, I'm a believer.

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