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Inkbunny art community launches; offers prints, downloads

Edited as of Sun 20 Jun 2010 - 16:22
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A new furry art and story community has launched, offering artists a way to sell digital downloads and prints.

The site – Inkbunny – permits non-human artwork of all ratings; however, only adults 18 or over may join.

Site founder Starling outlined the sales philosophy:

At Inkbunny we believe two revolutionary things about selling art; that people want to buy your work even if they can get it for free, and that you should not worry too much about piracy of your work.

Development took over a year, with nearly 800 works uploaded in a four-month private beta.

Inkbunny hopes to fund itself through sales fees – 20% of profits – and AlertPay referrals. Print base prices range from US$2.10 for 5.5"x8.5" to $18.00 for 24"x36" (plus $6+ shipping). The payout minimum is $10.

Users can also donate to artists – or the site itself – with a 5% fee to cover transaction costs. Donations were very popular in the beta.

Submissions can include multiple files to display multi-page works or sketches. Tag/rating-based filtering is provided. Photos are not permitted, unless they form "an essential component" of a work and avoid depicting real people or animals, blood, gore and illegalities.

Stories (in .doc, .txt and .rtf format) can be previewed or shown in full on-site; the displayed text is searchable. Streams can also be promoted.

Current staff include sysadmin Keito and moderators Ben Raccoon, GreenReaper, Kadm and Lingonius.


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So, is it true that the place is basically a cub porn hideout?

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I'm not sure it could be called a hideout - it's there in plain sight, just like all the other furry porn on there (like FA).

If you don't like a particular topic, there's a feature allowing you to block artwork with specific keywords.

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The mods themselves don't tag some of their cub porn as such, though! It is literally impossible to block untagged art, and that makes browsing the site a distasteful experience for me.

It's a great interface for submitting and selling stuff, at least! For now, though, my account page is going to be a bunker from which I won't be emerging.

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If you see a piece of art that you think should be tagged but is not, feel free to drop them a private message - or failing that, drop the mods a support ticket.

I believe the site developers are also considering user-added tags, though that might be a way away.
(Update: This actually happened mid-2012, and there was much rejoycing.)

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Might wanna do a little full disclosure action there, champ.

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What's to disclose? I've already listed the moderators . . . I don't own the site, or make any money off it.

The "we" there is perhaps a little misleading - I don't have any control over payment, that's all Starling. :-)

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Despite all the controversy, I do hope that many more furries can make money off of their works. The only thing weird to me is that furry porn is okay to sell for the site's version of 'paypal', but human porn is a no-no...

It's very strange to have a corporation go. "Furry porn's cool, just none of that freaky human stuff"

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I don't believe it's from a bizarre prejudice of humans, but rather from a concern of the proximity of humans and furries to one another, particularly in any pornographic images, that someone will start making accusations of bestiality, whether correctly or not, and that's a legal tangle the paysites don't want to be caught up in.

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While its still pretty early on in this site's incarnation, I'm not entirely sanguine about it, to be honest. I think this artist ( pretty much sums up my own concerns. The only point I disagree with is his first one.

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