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Mephit Fur Meet

Digging Up Positivity - September 2022

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Hello, and a big welcome to the September edition of Digging Up Positivity! These months are the height of convention season and it shows! So many events, both online and offline.

Last premiere I was at Eurofurence together with FoxAmoor, the guest of the previous episode. But when I got back to the Netherlands, merely half a day later I was on the road to Splinter, an amazing four day event in the Netherlands. And after that, we were guests at the Stork Run in The Hague, more about this all that later. And at the end of the episode I will tell you how to win one of these amazing Thabo paw pillows from my artwork Tee merch store.

But first, the astounding amount of charities since last episode!

COVID-19 pandemic causes furry convention closures and delays worldwide

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As governments restrict gatherings of people, furry conventions are being postponed or canceled. Here's a quick run down of events and their status as of December 27th 2021 20:30 EDT (UTC-4) in response to the COVID-19 pandemic - updates to come.

A new section has been added for past events impacted for historical purposes. More information will be added to deal with virtual versions of a physical gathering if applicable.

Links go to statements if available, or to their Twitter feed or site. See also: Furry Fandom and the Internet forced back to roots by viral outbreak

Update 2021 Year End - As conventions start to open again, the overall list of cancellations and delays is becoming clunky. The final update will be today December 27th, 2021. Any future cancelations or delays will be their own newsbytes or articles in the future.

Harvey crashes furry convention Mephit Fur Meet

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Remnants of the hurricane that created historic flooding and devastation to Houston, Texas and the surrounding suburbs continue to move northeast. For one furry convention convening this weekend in Olive Branch, Mississippi, the timing of its arrival is causing travel headaches for those who hoped to arrive on Thursday evening.

The convention announced via Twitter that nearby Memphis Airport in Tennessee had closed due to the storm:

Major flooding is also occurring, which will cause headaches for those on the ground as well. Fortunately, the forecasts indicate that this storm will clear out by early Friday morning so it will hopefully not put a damper on the entire weekend's activities.

Convention goers are advised to follow the convention's Twitter feed for further updates.

Mephit Furmeet Update

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Mephit Furmeet is almost here! Click below for some convention updates and reminders!

MFM 8 Newsletter *Last week to pre-reg*

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Just a few things in this week’s MFM newsletter!

Mephit FurMeet - Server Down and Change to T-Shirt Contest Deadline.

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Our webserver died suddenly sometime on Friday. As such, the MFM webpage, mailing lists, and email accounts for the staff are currently unavailable. Since this is impacting the upcoming deadline for the T-Shirt Contest, we're announcing....

Been struggling with your T-Shirt Entry? Been working your pencils to nubs as we approach the deadline on the 10th?

Well, I have some good news, folks...

Skunky Scuttlebutt - MFM 2004's newsletter

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Mephit FurMeet, the Mid-South's Premier gathering of afficionados of anthropomorphics, is pleased to announce details of it's 2004 event.

MFM 2004 will be held over Labor Day Weekend (September 3-6, 2004) at the Holiday Inn Select, near the Memphis International Airport.

Our Guest of Honor for 2004 will be Furry artist Rog Minotaur. Word has it that Auntie Rog is quite excited about being selected as G.O.H.

Read more of the newsletter on the MFM website here.

Mephit furmeet article in Newspaper

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A rather nice article on the just finished Mephit furmeet in GoMemphis. Overall a quite positve write up.

Click here for the article.

MFM T-Shirt Contest - Time's Almost Up!

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Hey everyone -

Don't forget, the last day to submit artwork for the MFM 2003 T-Shirt contest is this Saturday, July 26, 2003 at 11:59 P.M. Any artwork received after this point will not be accepted.

Voting will commence next week.

Full rules can be found on our website:

Skunky Scuttlebutt - News From Mephit FurMeet volume 2.

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Skunky Scuttlebutt
The Official Newsletter of Mephit FurMeet 2003!
Volume 2

In this Edition:

"Put a Tiger on Your Table"
Airline Discounts
Dealers Den Updates
LAN Gaming
Registration News
Video Contest
T-Shirt Contest
Hotel Information
Health/Medical Reminders
Charity Auction Updates

Announcing Mephit FurMeet 2003!

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Mephit FurMeet 2003, also known as MFM7, will be held from August 29 to September 1, 2003, at the Holiday Inn Select Memphis Airport.

MFM July Newsletter

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Mephit FurMeet 2002 is only 39 days away! August 30th - September 1st (September 2nd is Labor Day and a "hang out" day) There's a lot of things new and exciting, as well as a few reminders.

Announcing Mephit FurMeet 2002!

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MFM 2002 will be held August 30th – September 2nd, 2002 in Memphis Tennessee, at the Holiday Inn Select Memphis Airport.

Mephit FurMeet

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Due to last minute planning, I'll be attending Mephit FurMeet this coming weekend. This will be my fourth year at the Meet, though I didn't attend last year. As far as relaxacons go, this one is pretty good. Who else is going, what's your favorite Memphis restaurant, and are you bringing money to pre-register for Midwest FurFest? (blatant plug alert). Look for me hanging around behind the FurFest table, and introduce yourself!

MFM 2001 Information

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We are pleased to announce that the Mephit Fur Meet 2001 information is now