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Weather warning for Afton, Oklahoma and nearby regions

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Radar map of the 44 highway with tornadoes near Allami Afton, Oklahoma is currently under tornado watch, so please be safe out there.

Miami, Oklahoma is currently being hit and is getting hit hard.

Smoky air quality likely to impact Anthrocon 2023

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This weekend Anthrocon returns to the city of Pittsburgh, with furries from all around the world traveling into the area to enjoy the yearly jubilation. However this year's festivities are forecasted to be covered in a significant haze, even for the sober attendees. This is due to ongoing wildfires in Canadian provinces to the North.

Accuweather's forecast projects that the air quality index will remain above 200 for the early weekend, this is denoted in the lower "very unhealthy" range. In such conditions it is recommended that exertion is kept to a minimum and not prolonged as the lower quality air can impact and irritate lung function. Those with respiratory conditions need to be particularly cautious of the particulars.

Keep safe and have a wonderful convention.

Harvey crashes furry convention Mephit Fur Meet

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Remnants of the hurricane that created historic flooding and devastation to Houston, Texas and the surrounding suburbs continue to move northeast. For one furry convention convening this weekend in Olive Branch, Mississippi, the timing of its arrival is causing travel headaches for those who hoped to arrive on Thursday evening.

The convention announced via Twitter that nearby Memphis Airport in Tennessee had closed due to the storm:

Major flooding is also occurring, which will cause headaches for those on the ground as well. Fortunately, the forecasts indicate that this storm will clear out by early Friday morning so it will hopefully not put a damper on the entire weekend's activities.

Convention goers are advised to follow the convention's Twitter feed for further updates.

Neither Snow nor Sleet nor Rain Shall Stop These Bunnies…

If you’ve got to get the bad news (or maybe good news if you’re lucky) about this crazy weather that we’re having, why not get it from a cute little bunny? “Weather Rabbit is a unique combination of weather app and virtual pet that rewards you for keeping your rabbit happy by dressing it in different clothes to match the current weather conditions. It features accurate, up-to-date, local information using your GPS and weather data sourced from You can earn new outfits for all four seasons plus more seasonally themed costumes.” This animated app (available on Google Play and The App Store) was created by Rabbx, with character design by Tracy Reynolds. You can find it at the Rabbx web site, too.

image c. 2014 Rabbx

Sandy/Nor'easter hybrid could strike Connecticut soon after FurFright

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The Immortal StormSometimes furries plan more then just the weekend for their conventions, some even staying until late Monday or Tuesday morning. Those attending FurFright in Connecticut this weekend might be well-advised not to stick around for too long, as two major storm systems are looking to converge somewhere along the east coast. Many in the press are calling this event "Frankenstorm" (and I thought furries were bad with the pun neologisms).

Hurricane Sandy currently resides off the coast of Florida and is heading in a north direction. Meanwhile, in the Midwest, a storm front known as a nor'easter is heading east. These two types of storm when taken separately are not anything to take lightly; combined, they are sure to cause great devastation.

The current question is where. Some models have it landing as far south as Virginia, but other models have Sandy going north and in the direction of Long Island and Connecticut. It would be estimated to arrive in Connecticut late Monday to Tuesday. However, conditions could worsen even before then, as the storm is about 800 miles in diameter.

Ash no-fly zone threatens UK-bound furs

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ConFuzzled staff and international attendees have their fingers crossed as UK air traffic control plot no-fly zones for Thursday, Friday and the weekend. [ConFuzzled LJ]

The latest news suggests clear skies for the UK from 7AM onwards, including Manchester. However, foreign visitors also have to worry about their trip back on Sunday or Monday.

Civil Aviation Authority Chief Executive Andrew Hains outlined the problem:

The situation for UK airspace, particularly over the North and Scotland, remains unprecedented. [...] Scientists are tracking the cloud's movements constantly but its location changes frequently, depending on the strength of eruptions and prevailing winds. When the ash level exceeds that agreed as safe by the industry we have to restrict flights accordingly.

Reindeer threatened by global warming

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In what is "traditionally the busiest time of year" for reindeer, US environmental scientists warn that global warming means, oddly enough, too much ice in the north. Rain falling in the arctic causes a layer of ice that hooved mammals like caribou, musk oxen and reindeer can't dig through to get to the lichen below, their main source of winter food.
Just one of the many unexpected results of the current climate changes.