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News of FurFright closure emerges through leaked email

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Connecticut furry convention FurFright is no more, according to a now-deleted journal post reprinting an email supposedly from Belic Bear and K'gra Leopard (also received by Wag):

We had every intention of keeping FurFright going for years to come. At this year's Closing Ceremonies we dispelled unfounded rumors and told you we'd be back in 2014 and beyond. That was always our intent.

Since that time the Con Chairs have experienced a devastating turn of events in their personal/family life, making it impossible for the convention to continue. All our time, energy, and resources need to be spent healing and coping with the challenges we face. So due to circumstances beyond our control, FurFright has come to an end. 2013 was our final year.

This news was not confirmed through official channels as of Saturday night. However, the convention's website contains no information on future events a month after FurFright 2013, and no response had been made to questions regarding 2014 on Facebook.

Update: Bios (FurFright 2013's Dances coordinator) has tweeted that he is "now personally working with Crowne Plaza Sales Dept signing contracts for #furfright" and that "due to personal reasons Furfright will change a hand [sic] in con chairs for 2014".

Update 2: FurFright has posted the original message on LiveJournal and Facebook, mentioning the possibility of continuing the event with a different name:

There is a small movement right now by FF staffpersons to hold an event in the same timeframe, which is being bandied around on twitter #furfright However, the FF name will remain with the Con Chairs so this new event will also have a new name, should it come about (which we would certainly love to see!).

It is official #furfright will retire its name, but our passion and love for this fandom will live on for 2014 with a new look and name! [Bios]

Update 3 (Dec 4): Voting is proceeding on suggested names for the "New England Furcon". Over $850 in donations have been raised through an offer of a 10% pre-reg discount.

Update 4 (Dec 4): The new convention's staff have terminated voting "due to infighting amongst the community over name choices":

The name will instead be chosen by board decision tonight, using all previous submissions as a guideline. While vote counts will be considered, they will not determine the winner.

Dragoneer's Dorsai complaints spark FurFright spat

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October saw up to 1500 furs converge on Cromwell, Connecticut for annual Halloween-themed furry convention FurFright. However, the event was marred by controversial reports about the actions of the Dorsai Irregulars security staff.
Dorsai Irregulars logo
On 28 October, Dragoneer declared he would not return to FurFright until the Dorsai's removal, citing complaints about their behaviour ranging from minor, unprofessional annoyances to threats of having him arrested.

I'm done. I'm done with this. Furfright is (was?) my go-to convention. I love this con, and I love the staff, but the security have overstepped their bound year after year, and I'm done with it. I've brought up these issues every year for the past five years to the convention and nothing has ever happened. Hell, I've even been told the Dorsai are not to SPEAK to me unless they went through certain Furfright staff first due to the shit that happened in previous years.

Dragoneer's sentiments were echoed by his fiancée, Sciggles, and Silver/ThatDamnWolf – a member of FurFright staff who subsequently resigned, saying he is unlikely to return even if the Dorsai are removed. A petition to this end had gained 266 signatures as of 5 November.

Video: Fox CT goes 'Inside the World of Furries'

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The Hartford Courant's recent article, and related radio coverage, has been joined by Fox CT's five-minute TV feature segment, "Inside the World of Furries". [Eagle Beagle/fursuitlounge]

What we found is, with furries, there's really nothing to fear.

The piece opens with a comment about this weekend's FurFright and mentions local sports mascots, then goes to visit Zenfuhre (Jason Miclette) at his home, where he is joined by Stattik (BladeWolf/David Sutak). Both show off their fursuits. [Higgs Raccoon/furrymedia]

The pair proceed to a monthly furmeet in Town Line Diner in Rocky Hilly, Connecticut, where Glant Sputino (Christopher Sielawa) and Tandom Fox (Dan Chrzanowski) are interviewed.

Sandy/Nor'easter hybrid could strike Connecticut soon after FurFright

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The Immortal StormSometimes furries plan more then just the weekend for their conventions, some even staying until late Monday or Tuesday morning. Those attending FurFright in Connecticut this weekend might be well-advised not to stick around for too long, as two major storm systems are looking to converge somewhere along the east coast. Many in the press are calling this event "Frankenstorm" (and I thought furries were bad with the pun neologisms).

Hurricane Sandy currently resides off the coast of Florida and is heading in a north direction. Meanwhile, in the Midwest, a storm front known as a nor'easter is heading east. These two types of storm when taken separately are not anything to take lightly; combined, they are sure to cause great devastation.

The current question is where. Some models have it landing as far south as Virginia, but other models have Sandy going north and in the direction of Long Island and Connecticut. It would be estimated to arrive in Connecticut late Monday to Tuesday. However, conditions could worsen even before then, as the storm is about 800 miles in diameter.

FurFright makes the local papers

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NBC's Connecticut branch has noticed FurFright this year.

The article perpetuates the myth that FurFright is primarily a costuming event, and describes attendees as "outsiders". But the author also highlighted the event's code of conduct, attendees' charitable donations ($7770 last year), and 2009's con paper, the Daily Howl.

Undercover Reporter Attends, Reviews Fur Con

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Review of FurFright 2007 by undercover reporter.

Jennifer Abel, a reporter for the US alt-weekly the Hartford Advocate, has written an amazingly unbiased review of her undercover experiences at the 2007 FurFright con. It's getting a lot of attention--be sure to read the comments other furs have left below the article.

Read the article here.

FurFright News (Cheap Reg Deadline Looms!)

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FurFright News (Cheap Reg Deadline Looms!)
FurFright Newsletter

October 20, 21, 22, 2006
Windsor Locks, CT

"Holy Crap! We got fur!"

In this issue:
1) Register Cheap Until May 31st!
2) Want To Run A Panel or Class?
3) Calling All Artists/Writers!
4) Furland Security (Army Needed!)
5) Planet of Sound (We Need PA Speakers!)
6) Fursuit Games
7) Con Kits On Sale And Going Fast!
8) Staff/Volunteers Needed
9) Gaming News
10) What is FurFright?

FurFright Update: Fun With Candy Corn

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Top paranormal scientists report that in approximately 3 weeks there will be a disturbance in the anthropomorphic world of biblical proportions. Or at least as big as a children's pop-up book. Experts predict that FurFright will come alive, drag its rotting corpse from the grave, and smell really bad. If spotted, douse it in Old Spice and give it a hug. It's lonely. *grins*

FurFright, the Northeast's very own Anthropomorphic Halloween Convention (October 23 & 24, Sheraton Hotel, Windsor Locks CT), is almost upon us, and we're hoping you all come out and join in the furry fun. Some of the most talented artists, animators, writers, and fursuiters in the fandom will be at FurFright, helping us make this young con something special.

FurFright 2004. A note from K'gra

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You have 13 days to pre-register for FurFright 2004 at the fiendishly low price of $10! After August 31st, our pre-registration price will go up to $15. To register by mail or online, spook your way to our website at While you're there, feel free to haunt the rest of our website as well! We've got lots of things planned: DDR Tourney, masquerade, movies, charity raffle and auction, fursuit games, video/card/RP gaming, and fantastic dealers to whom you can sell your soul!

Are you a dealer or artist? We've still got some slots available for you! Check out our Dealer/Artist registration page ( for more information!

If you are looking to submit art to the convention for our conbook, t-shirt, and badges, the deadline is also August 31st. We are also accepting advertisements for our conbook. Please visit our website for more information on either of these topics. Art submissions: Advertising:

Lurk your way this way to FurFright!

*haunting hugs*
K'gra Leopard
Con Cat/Registration Director
FurFright 2004