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Dragoneer's Dorsai complaints spark FurFright spat

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October saw up to 1500 furs converge on Cromwell, Connecticut for annual Halloween-themed furry convention FurFright. However, the event was marred by controversial reports about the actions of the Dorsai Irregulars security staff.
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On 28 October, Dragoneer declared he would not return to FurFright until the Dorsai's removal, citing complaints about their behaviour ranging from minor, unprofessional annoyances to threats of having him arrested.

I'm done. I'm done with this. Furfright is (was?) my go-to convention. I love this con, and I love the staff, but the security have overstepped their bound year after year, and I'm done with it. I've brought up these issues every year for the past five years to the convention and nothing has ever happened. Hell, I've even been told the Dorsai are not to SPEAK to me unless they went through certain Furfright staff first due to the shit that happened in previous years.

Dragoneer's sentiments were echoed by his fiancée, Sciggles, and Silver/ThatDamnWolf – a member of FurFright staff who subsequently resigned, saying he is unlikely to return even if the Dorsai are removed. A petition to this end had gained 266 signatures as of 5 November.

Last AC fursuit tag sold for $1600; unofficial index launched

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SkippyFox (Vin) has launched an editable index of Anthrocon fursuit tag owners. The site comes less than a week after the 1000th and last tag was won by "^..^James" for $1600 during an intense bidding war at last weekend's charity auction, at which $5650 was raised.

First distributed at Anthrocon 2006, the tags were presented by the Dorsai Irregulars as a means to track migratory patterns. The popular items spawned several imitations; but some fursuiters felt demeaned by the dances required by certain DI and refused to participate.

As of closing ceremonies, plans had not been made for a replacement project for 2011. Dorsai representative Rene Gobeyn vowed to "get even more drunk than last time" during their traditional room party to come up with fresh ideas.

Furry con-runners gather at leadership roundtable

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The first Furry Convention Leadership Roundtable was held this weekend in Lincolnshire, Illinois. According to Duncan da Husky, all U.S. and Canadian furry conventions with over 100 attendees were invited to send up to three representatives of their choice.

The event is modeled after SMOFcon, a science-fiction runner's con named after the so-called "Secret Masters Of Fandom" who attend; unlike that event, the FCLR is currently invite-only.

Discussions covered feedback surveys, hotel negotiations, working with the media, membership suspensions, A/V setups, technology, budgeting and fiscal management, age-related issues, marketing/branding and convention horror stories.