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Video: Fox CT goes 'Inside the World of Furries'

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The Hartford Courant's recent article, and related radio coverage, has been joined by Fox CT's five-minute TV feature segment, "Inside the World of Furries". [Eagle Beagle/fursuitlounge]

What we found is, with furries, there's really nothing to fear.

The piece opens with a comment about this weekend's FurFright and mentions local sports mascots, then goes to visit Zenfuhre (Jason Miclette) at his home, where he is joined by Stattik (BladeWolf/David Sutak). Both show off their fursuits. [Higgs Raccoon/furrymedia]

The pair proceed to a monthly furmeet in Town Line Diner in Rocky Hilly, Connecticut, where Glant Sputino (Christopher Sielawa) and Tandom Fox (Dan Chrzanowski) are interviewed.

Clips from CSI, Entourage, and a BBC special positioning furry as a fetish are included, but are dismissed as exceptions by the voiceover.

The truth is that the vast majority of furries keep it platonic - at least in their fursuits.

The segment closed by mentioning animal costumers in Taylor Swift's Never Ever Getting Back Together, and charity fundraising at Anthrocon 2012.

The coverage was broadcast Friday October 25 at 10PM on Fox CT, as advertised by a 15-second promo.


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Dr. Gerbasi pointed John my way a few weeks ago and we had a chat about furs in the area who might like to go on the air.

I was a little hesitant about helping a Fox affiliate, but we won't get accurate media coverage by keeping our mouths shut, so I sent out a few feelers to some local fans. I'm glad it worked out. :-)

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Local news fox organizations aren't terribly despite the national organization. I think it was good of you to look beyond the stereotype fox's national station gives itself.

I mean, I'm sure many fox workers who work for the local stations hate being grouped in with the Shaun Hannity's and Bill O'Reilly's as much as local fur communities hate getting lumped in with that strange one that went on the TV.

As I've always said Fox News accomplished only one Republican goal. Showing that national level organizations are full of nimrods, maybe they should leave reporting at the "state level".

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I am sure this station may get some hate mail. I think it could done without the extra CSI, BBC clips and such. But I am glad they are trying to dispel some the misconceptions.

I have been thinking of sending a letter/email to the station thanking them for the good publicity.

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I did about a half hour interview with John via google hangout for the piece, but the technology on their end was not great. I guess I should have worn my fursuit and then maybe they would have put me on air :).
I had spoken with John earlier in the month about furries and the research we have done. All in all I thought they did a pretty decent job.

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I thought it was a pretty good clip about us.

Rather irritated that everyone is jumping on it for being a Fox affiliate. Sure, the national news has a political bias (show me a news channel that has none), but this is neither the national channel, nor is it a political story. They'd have nothing more to gain out of it than any other news channel would.

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I watch my local Fox news station occasionally and haven't seen any political bias or stuff like that. They mainly just show local stories (accidents, weather, events going on in the area) and when there are local political elections, it's just to keep track of the score. Local stations like that don't do political commentary, and if they do it's very brief. So, yea, agreeing that just because it has the name "Fox" on it doesn't make it a bad channel.

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I may be influenced by my own experience of local Fox stations in Detroit and Dallas, which are both part of the directly-owned Fox Television Stations subsidiary of News Corporation, and not their wider affiliate network.

Fox CT is owned by Tribune Corporation (which also runs the Hartford Courant - in fact, they use the same building).

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Odd, the Fox station I have is the Detroit one, or at least the one for Wayne county. All I've ever seen them run was local news stories and election updates when elections were happening.

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If I have time in the morning, I'll put on the local, because not only do you get the news, but you also get (along with any local news cast) people being people, and ones you can relate to and laugh with.

(Ours went viral last year, after the anchor forgot they were on air:

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That is the greatest thing ever, though I'm sure got in trouble for that.

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I used to agree and say people shouldn't dismiss Fox News for being Fox News but then I read some of their stories which were so pathetic they shouldn't have ever been approved for a high-school paper and I realised it really wasn't reliable at all. I can't remember what it was that finally made me give up on them as it was a long time ago but it was bad.

"If all mankind minus one, were of one opinion, and only one person were of the contrary opinion, mankind would be no more justified in silencing that one person, than he, if he had the power, would be justified in silencing mankind."
~John Stuart Mill~

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A show that at least doesn't denigrate the fandom like how most media has portrayed us.

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Well, I must say... I'm pleasently surprised. No sensationalism, no "OMG they r perverts!"... and from a top-50 market station, at that! When I first saw the entry, I thought "Oh great... another story about furries in the media.... and it's from a Fox television affiliate??? How bad is this going to be...". Perhaps our fandom has finally finished its growing pains as it becomes mainstream? Sure, we'll have a few bad experiences here and there, but... I hope they become fewer and farther between. Another possibility is that this particular Fox affiliate might be taking a few lessons from Markham Street Productions, in seeking out furs that aren't total pervs or douches, and showing "they're more-or-less normal... they just like costumes and animation and stuff like that..."?

Let's hope that this just might be the beginning of more positive (or at least neutral) portrayals of furs in the media. I know i'll keep my fingers (paws?) crossed!

That... or we might have someone on the inside at the network, trying to coax it into living up to its name! *laughs*

~ The Legendary RingtailedFox

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I'd sooner given Paden Reilly a handjob and, with the other hand, sign my dead father's estate over to Allan Greenwald than watch a FOX broadcast. (And before you ask, no, I don't watch The Simpsons either.)

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I've been getting alot of good feedback from everyone at furfright, messages on FA, and facebook. The interview was fun to do, and I think the news crew had more fun than we did lol. It was nice to finally give furries some positive media coverage.

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